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Magedfrank0 replied to topic When did you let your toddler walk at the shops

I think your child loves the freedom. Most children of my friends walk between 11-14 months. One or two from all I knew their child walk in 9 months. In fact, no amount of teaching will ensure that...

Wednesday 27 September 12:27am

Magedfrank0 replied to topic Are you doing IVF this month?

Hi, Actually, I was searching for the forum to ask there my question. Now I found this forum it’s very helpful. All people here are wonderful and I found what I searched for. Thank you for being s...

Tuesday 26 September 11:17pm

Magedfrank0 replied to topic 2nd miscarriages in a row....scared to try again

Hi, ladies. I’m so sorry for your loss. Don’t be worry or feeling depressed. 5 years ago, my sister had 2 miscarriages. In both miscarriages, she didn’t know that she pregnant. she used to drink al...

Tuesday 26 September 09:35pm

Magedfrank0 replied to topic Infertility Treatments Cost

* Hi, Mark I went to India last year. I was searching for a clinic that supports IVF and egg donor treatment. I found that was suitable cost. It was between $2500- $6000 for the total cost. The co...

Thursday 31 August 12:58am
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