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Maydena replied to topic is 'lily' too popular now in nz?

I like Leila Grace but also Leila Scout

Sunday 17 September 05:23pm

Maydena replied to topic How do you do it

Sounds awful, why is you partner treating you like this. You are more than just a mother, that isn't your only job in life. Tell your husband stuff what he wants - do what you want and need. F...

Sunday 17 September 06:45am

Maydena replied to topic Girls name to go with....

Of all those options I like Winter spelt as is, is the best. I initially saw Beef instead of Reef.

Sunday 17 September 06:38am

Maydena replied to topic Baby name help

I feel like Havana isn't really a princess name, it is a cigar specialist shop. Do you have a connection with Cuba? Cuban cigars have a sort of underbelly feel so this name gives me that feeli...

Sunday 17 September 06:36am

Maydena replied to topic is 'lily' too popular now in nz?

Hmmmmm I haven't met a lily as of yet, however I am pregnant with first so don't mix with lots of children. I am totally against common names too and if lily is appearing in that top 20 l...

Sunday 17 September 06:30am

Maydena started new topic Holly or Hollie?

When I look up what people think on these spellings I end up finding Americans who tend to think Holly sounds too much like Xmas - however here in NZ, holly is not a major part of a Kiwi Christmas ...

Sunday 17 September 06:26am
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