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Puma_NZ replied to topic Love 2 Hear stories of caesers

Hi Rebecca, I had a C-Section with my Oldest girl now (8) but had complications under Local Anesthetic (sp) so they put me to sleep completely which was sad because I was'nt able to see her coming ...

Monday 19 January 08:01am

Puma_NZ replied to topic I am scared of going into labour

Congratulations on your Pregnancy!! You will be fine, It is scary at first but thats normal. Just take your time and try to Relax. All will go well with you and Baby. If we can do it, You can do i...

Saturday 06 December 12:05pm

Puma_NZ started new topic THINKING OF A HOMEBIRTH?

Hi All, I gave Birth to a Beautiful 8lb 3oz Baby Girl on the 2nd November. The most Wonderful thing about it was, I had her at "HOME"(In the Lounge) I had my doubts at first because of the Labour t...

Saturday 06 December 11:32am

Puma_NZ replied to topic New member

Hi Alison, Im also in West Auckland and I am a mother of 3, I have just had a Baby Girl over a month ago. My Oldest is Tatiana (8) and Ben (5). I am 29 yrs old. Congratulations on your Pregnancy! ...

Saturday 06 December 11:01am
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