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mumof2 replied to topic Attn: Mums of 8 - 11 month olds

Hi, My son is 8 months old and usually has his breakfast (cereal) around 7.30am with 200ml bottle around 1/2 hour later, then lunch of vegies and a custard or yoghurt at 11.30 or 12.00 with a bott...

Monday 05 July 07:13pm

mumof2 replied to topic Nurofen for teething for 9 month old

Hi, My second son Harrison has had such a hard time with his teething and panadol was not helping him at all, so once he turned 6 months I was able to use Nurofen on the really bad days and I foun...

Monday 05 July 06:57pm

mumof2 replied to topic Fisher Price Little People

Hi My son has the animal sounds barn which he got when he was 18 months for christmas. He is about to turn 3 and still loves playing with it, now he sets it up properly with the fence and all the...

Monday 17 May 12:36pm

mumof2 replied to topic how big is your baby?????

Hi, My son is 6.5months and he weighs 10kgs and is 73cm long. I have been buying the toddler nappies for over a month and have had a few comments about buying toddler nappies for a baby but thats ...

Sunday 16 May 03:52pm

mumof2 replied to topic Crayon on wall

Hi, You are not alone thats for sure. I use Nifti its great for any marks on the wall, it recently got crayon and chalk off our walls. Tracy

Saturday 08 May 01:27pm

mumof2 replied to topic Internet sites for Kids

Hi, My sons enjoys going on the wiggles website. They have some educational games and you can listen to some songs. Tracy

Tuesday 04 May 05:34pm

mumof2 replied to topic What age to start kids on the computer??

Hi Tepe, My son has been interested in the computer from just after he was two years old. He has a 3 pack of wiggles and a preschool toddler CD. I sat down with him at first and showed him how t...

Tuesday 04 May 05:31pm

mumof2 replied to topic Ear Infections

Hi Tepe, My first son was exactly the same from around 11 months old. It was terrible seeing him in so much pain and he was always on antibiotics that eventually even the strongest sometimes didn...

Thursday 29 April 04:03pm

mumof2 replied to topic funny things that the kids say

my first son will be 3 in June and he loves the wiggles. I said to him the other day, you like the wiggles and mummy likes the wiggles too. His reply was no mum, I like wiggles you like Daddy. I...

Sunday 18 April 06:43pm

mumof2 replied to topic stroring clothes

Hi, I used the vacuum bags to store the baby clothes and they were in them for around a year and a half and I found them great. Some of the singlets had a little bit of yellow on them but I soaked...

Monday 12 April 06:32pm

mumof2 replied to topic Where do I get Raspberry Leaf Tea???

Hi, I drank the tea from around 37 weeks, I got it from a health food shop and asked how often I could drink it and was told around 3 times a day. It doesn't taste the best but with a spoonful of...

Monday 12 April 06:19pm

mumof2 replied to topic pregnancy announcements

Hi, With our second we found some people acted really excited and others not so much, but once he was born everyone was over the moon. We just told everybody second time round but with my mum I ...

Monday 12 April 06:11pm

mumof2 replied to topic home pregnancy tests?

Hi, With my first son i did a test the day my periods were due and it was negative, two days later it showed positive, with my second son I also did it the day my periods were due and it showed po...

Monday 12 April 05:59pm

mumof2 replied to topic Unisex names!!

Hi, Its seems really common at the moment to have a boy and girl spelling of a name. My son is named Jordan but you also hear alot of little girls with the same name. My second was a boy Harriso...

Friday 02 April 06:04pm

mumof2 replied to topic Birth Mark

Hi, My 2 year old son has a strawberry birth mark on his face near his jaw, its not very big. My sister also had a strawberry birth mark on her leg which just faded over time and is now gone, she...

Friday 02 April 05:38pm

mumof2 replied to topic Losing weight while breast feeding

Hi, I went to weight watchers when I was breastfeeding my first son. I was given a special plan and had alot more to eat then everybody else and the weight dropped off quite quickly. With eating ...

Tuesday 16 March 05:43pm

mumof2 replied to topic Sick of the Breastfeeding Push!!!

Hi Dayna, I breastfed my first son until 12 weeks and he was fussing and I was becoming stressed so I put him on the bottle. My second son went on the bottle about 5 days old because my milk did ...

Saturday 13 March 10:59am

mumof2 replied to topic What is a good age gap?

Hi, My second little boy was born just a few months after my first son turned 2. My 2 year old is very energectic and loud but when his little brother was born I could not believe how gentle he i...

Wednesday 10 March 06:52pm

mumof2 replied to topic When does bubby start sleeping through?

Hi Adrienne, I also have a 4 month old boy, who has just started sleeping through for about the last 2 weeks. Harrison would also wake up around 2.30am for a feed and sometimes only taking half a b...

Tuesday 09 March 06:24pm

mumof2 replied to topic she wakes at 2 every night!

Hi, I have a 4 month old boy who did exactly the same thing. He has been on the bottle since day 4 but that didnt seem to make any difference, he would still wake up at 2.30am every morning and so...

Tuesday 09 March 06:10pm
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