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mummybrain replied to topic Dilated Kidney

We were told that our baby at the 20 week scan had a dialated kidney by the radiographer. When we went to our Ob he asked if we found out what it was and we had it was a boy (now 3mths) and he sai...

Wednesday 24 March 09:01pm

mummybrain replied to topic WARNING X rated

Hi I too have been suffering from a lack of sex drive. I have a four yr old daughter and it has never been the same since (i am surprised we have a second child) I too have a very low sex drive w...

Wednesday 24 March 08:28pm

mummybrain replied to topic INDUCED LABOUR...who had 1??

HI All I have been induced both times with my children. I think they go to sleep in there when it is time to come out. With my daughter I was induced at 12 days over with the gel as the Dr was u...

Tuesday 09 March 04:20pm

mummybrain replied to topic febrile convolsions

Hi Tweedon My daughter convulsed for the first time one week before her 1st birthday. It was damn scary as I was a new mum and had never seen a fit or known about febrile convulsions before. We ...

Monday 02 February 08:55pm

mummybrain replied to topic febrile convolsions

Hi I have a daughter who convules when sick. I was unhappy with the doctors just telling me that it was nothing to worry about and that she would grow out of it. I explained to the doctor that i...

Sunday 01 February 09:02pm

mummybrain replied to topic Day care Center vs Family Day Care

Hi All I have both my children in Day care and have not had any problems other than the occasional cold (like every kid gets and one case of headlice which she could have gotten from anywhere). I...

Sunday 01 February 08:38pm

mummybrain replied to topic baby after loss

HI all You have all touched my heart and even caused a tear or two. I know what you all have or are going through. I to have suffered pain from miscarrage. My first pregnancy was a breeze no m...

Friday 30 January 12:26pm

mummybrain replied to topic threatened miscarriage - please help

Hi Helena I am only 27 but have had four pregnancies resulting in two births. I have miscarried real early with one (did not know I was pregnant but collapsed due to losing too much blood) and lo...

Friday 30 January 10:17am

mummybrain replied to topic I'd love some opinions too!!

Hi Finding names for our beloved babies is hard. They have it for the rest of there lives and it defines who they are. I like the name Jack William. I love old names I am not too fussed on the u...

Friday 30 January 10:01am

mummybrain replied to topic back to sex

Hi all I relly dont have a problem with pain more that I dont feel like it. I have two children and I am on the go 24/7 but I miss my special time with my huusband but when it comes to sex or any...

Thursday 29 January 09:48pm

mummybrain replied to topic How to get her to stop pulling her hair???

Hi I also have a 7 week old who pulls his hair. As with you it was funny at the start but like you daughter he did not realise why he was in pain and was screaming beacuse it hurt. My solution w...

Thursday 29 January 09:37pm

mummybrain replied to topic Vaccination?

Hi I have a 4yr old and a 7week old and I have had them both vaccinated. I do understand and appreciate that there are some real risks involved with vaccinating our children but I think that ther...

Thursday 29 January 09:15pm

mummybrain replied to topic Formula and Constipation

Hi Bron I have a seven week old and I have been battling the consitpation and formula issues too. We have our son on Heinz after going through S26 and Soya based formulas to try and relieve our v...

Sunday 25 January 10:51pm

mummybrain started new topic Help mummy has a new baby

I always thought that I was a great mum and that I treated my daughter well. Since I have had our second child all my daughter seems to do in my eyes is wrong - she is either to loud, doesn't list...

Sunday 25 January 10:43pm
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