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tmcau1 replied to topic outgrown baby clothes

It's incredible how many clothes you manage to accumulate for one little person, isn't it? I washed a lot of my first daughters clothes and stored them in plastic containers with cedar balls in our...

Saturday 03 July 06:31pm

tmcau1 replied to topic breast feeding from only one breast

Hi Linda It's probably nothing but I did read somewhere that very occasionally Babies will refuse a breast if there is disease there. Apparently this is very rare but they did recommend that you ge...

Tuesday 01 June 07:43pm

tmcau1 replied to topic HELP!!!! Won't eat his solid at all.

Hi I am having similar problems with my 6 month old. Solids just seem to make her clamp up and get unhappy. She does seem to enjoy a rusk and I have taken to dipping her rusk into whatever I'm tryi...

Monday 05 April 07:01pm

tmcau1 replied to topic WHEN DO BABIES START TO TEETHE ?

I think it is an individual baby thing. I have 6 month old twins. Jaz has been drooling and chewing everything (including nipples-ouch!) for about 2 months now and there is nothing there. So we wer...

Monday 05 April 06:30pm

tmcau1 replied to topic Would like to hear from mum's and dad's who have had their baby boys circumcised.

Hi Michelle I should start this by saying I don't agree with male circumcision anymore than I do female circumcision. I think the argument that it should be done in case the child has infections is...

Monday 05 April 05:44pm

tmcau1 started new topic calcium supplements when breastfeeding

Hi i'm currently breastfeeding twins. I was taking a breastfeeding and pregnancy supplement but had a reaction to something in it and had to stop. I worry about my calcium intake and whether supple...

Saturday 27 March 09:02pm
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