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melw replied to topic When to start night training??

My daughter was day trained around 2yrs 5mths, she wasnt wetting at night very often either but I left a nappy on her till she had gone 3weeks with no wet nappy at night and she hasnt wet the bed o...

Thursday 04 January 06:31pm

melw replied to topic Strange bleeding, uterus infection?

Mine was all silly like that too.. its stopped now tho and I had Chloe almost 6weeks ago. If you are worried ask your Dr at your 8weeks checkup or ring your health nurse.

Friday 22 December 08:17pm

melw replied to topic I need honest opinions on Toddler size beds please!!

I didnt bother with a toddler bed as alot I looked at you could only use them till your kid is a certain weight and that was a waste of time IMO! I bought a bedroom package for $699.. its got a ki...

Thursday 14 December 03:54pm

melw replied to topic Who here has had mastitis?

Is it hot and/or lumpy (hard lumps)? Have some panadol to try and get rid of some of the pain and put a hotpack on your boob and it might let some of the milk out.

Thursday 14 December 11:13am

melw replied to topic Big Bed Problems

Pull it apart so she cant sleep in it! That really is going to be the only way.. tell her its broken and she has to sleep in her bed and be a 'big girl'.

Thursday 14 December 10:57am

melw replied to topic night toilet training

Is there any rush? My daughter will be 3 in April and she would've been trained for 7mths by then.. I'm just letting her go at her own pace as I don't want her to get upset with wetting the bed an...

Saturday 09 December 10:17am

melw replied to topic help with tt

She obviously knows what she is doing if she tells you at the shops so I guess try telling her that if she wants to be a big girl and not wear nappies then she needs to use the toilet like a big gi...

Friday 08 December 12:17pm

melw replied to topic Poohing in the Cot!!

If that doesnt work put his nappy on back to front.. or just put duct tape around the waist.

Saturday 02 December 04:06pm

melw replied to topic Too dry!!!

I had a few problems with my daughter too.. she would hold on till her bladder hurt so I stopped for a few weeks and tried again and she was alot better.. just give her time

Wednesday 15 November 07:11pm

melw replied to topic Hi is 18 mth to young????

I wouldnt start yet.. you dont want to put her off.. she knows when she has done them yes.. but she needs to know when she is going to DO them. Put her on the loo yes but don't put her in knicker...

Wednesday 15 November 07:10pm

melw replied to topic Is he learning?

Have you tried just putting pants on him and seeing what happens? My brother HATED jocks.. his whole life Mum would dress him in the morning and by night time (well probably as soon as mum turned h...

Wednesday 08 November 09:32pm

melw replied to topic SAFETY GATES FOR STAIRS - WHAT ONES???

I have a saftey1st gate (the white one with the handle that lifts and the gate swings open) as I found them to be alot taller and ALOT easier than the wooden ones you have to move to get past them....

Wednesday 08 November 12:55pm

melw replied to topic Where to get sand for a sand pit?

I just got Krystas from the landscape place.. they have a few different types.. I just got some in bags tho as we don't have a trailer and it was easier to get by myself.. was only $2/bag and I onl...

Tuesday 31 October 07:01pm

melw replied to topic Bathing equipment for 5 1/2 month old

Can he sit up? If he can I'd be getting a bath ring seat and just using that.. they are so much easier!

Tuesday 17 October 08:19pm

melw replied to topic Small cars + prams

I used to have a suzuki swift (2door) and didnt have a problem with any car seat I put in it.. I had a mothers choice one and an aunger one and didnt have trouble with either of them! As for the...

Thursday 12 October 11:34am

melw replied to topic Tommee Tippee bottles

Hopefully it was just a bad batch.. glad they are replacing them for you

Wednesday 11 October 09:26pm

melw replied to topic 6yr old boy, still no dry nights. Any ideas?

I would go and speak to your Dr about it. It really could be a number of things. Also let him know that its not his fault and he is in no way lower than his brother just cos he cant stay dry at ...

Tuesday 10 October 08:19pm

melw replied to topic drawing on walls

I had this problem too for a while, I went and got an Aquadoodle (the mat one) from toysrus, just fill the pens with water and its the only place they can draw so they don't have alot of choice!

Wednesday 04 October 07:56am

melw replied to topic Should I continue to perservere?

I'd keep up with it.. My daughter is 30mths and shes been using the potty solidly for the last 5days. I'm not even using a sticker reward as she is getting enough pleasure out of just being able...

Tuesday 03 October 09:24am

melw replied to topic accidents

I would just simply say "you are not his parent and I will be deciding what I do and don't do to my son!" Everyone has accidents.. its a fact of life so there is no point punishing him for it.. i...

Sunday 01 October 05:34am
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