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Fisher replied to topic Unexpected 3rd Pregnancy. Help!

I'm in the same boat have 4 children youngest 2 oldest 11 and I am content with what I have but found out I am pregnant with my 5 th well 8 weeks already and I am sitting towards abortion a...

Wednesday 05 February 08:57pm

Fisher replied to topic 7 week old feeding every 1.5 - 2hrs (formula feed)

Hi I am having the same problem with my newborn he was born 5 weeks early !! And was on 3 hour feeds now he is 7 weeks old and wants to feed every 2 hours and still has about 100 mls ?? Not sure wh...

Monday 27 February 09:04am

Fisher started new topic Please Help

Hi Well im 20 weeks pregnant with my fourth child and live in sydney with my hubby. My hubby has just come out and said he wants to move back home to tamworth to live. As he misses home and his f...

Tuesday 06 September 04:58am

Fisher replied to topic Baby Boy no4

Hi exciting !!! I am pregnant with number 4 as well. I have 3 Girls already and would love a boy but as long as its healthy i dont care !! Had some problems with my 12 week scan so had to get a CVS...

Friday 26 August 04:49am

Fisher replied to topic ITS A BOY!!!

Congrats how exciting !!! Hope the time flies for you ! I am excepting number 4 in Jan 2012 and due to high risks on the NT scan had to have a CVS done and results came back today all good which ...

Tuesday 16 August 05:51am

Fisher started new topic 4th baby think its another Girl

I am 12 weeks pregnant with my 4th child and very excited. I have 3 girls already and having our 4th cause we always want 4 children. The other day i did a gender predictor test that you wee on and...

Saturday 23 July 07:24am

Fisher replied to topic 4th baby?

Congrats Im pregnant with my 4th and due jan 2012 and have been a bit sick with this one. I already have 3 girls and didint get sick at all with them. Was a little shock as i usually take about a...

Tuesday 28 June 05:41am

Fisher replied to topic How did you feel after finding out the sex of your baby?

Well im 21 weeks pregnant and have two girl aged 7 and 3. Both my hubby and i thought we were having a boy and everyone said to us i look different and that i was having a boy but guess what the ul...

Tuesday 29 September 04:19pm

Fisher replied to topic New to TTC any tips

Thanks baby dust to you next month. I just find it hard because i TTC on the days that i am ovulating and also throughout the whole month and nothing happens. thought i was pregnant this month got ...

Monday 11 May 05:27pm

Fisher replied to topic New to TTC any tips

I hear you I have beening TTC for 13 mths now and i had no problem with my last 2. I been on ovulation kits for the last 2mths so maybe try that. But it does get to you i work in childcare and eve...

Friday 08 May 05:20pm

Fisher started new topic TTC with baby 3 and getting BAD skin Help

Hi Just wondering if anyone is going through the same thing as me i have been trying for my 3rd child for 11mths now and since going off the pill in may 08 nothing is happening but have notice tha...

Monday 06 April 05:45pm

Fisher replied to topic Relief for PUPPPS!

Hi I had pupps with my first and was indue the next day. The midwife said it wont go away until baby is born . Go see your doctor or midwife and tell them that you cant stand it and that you would...

Tuesday 20 June 04:12pm

Fisher started new topic 32 weeks ultersound

Hi Just wondering if anyone can help me I had an ultersound today im 32wks the lady said that the baby head is very very low and ready and it's weight is measuring at 3 pound 13. Does anyone kn...

Friday 16 June 01:08pm

Fisher started new topic Bleeding Rhesus Neg

Im pregnant with my second child and my blood is A neg and my husband is positive. My daughter is neg the same as me. I have been bleeding and have had 2 anti d injections. the hosiptal said that i...

Tuesday 09 May 04:49pm

Fisher started new topic Bleeding at 18wks (Rhesus Factor)

Well i never thought it would happen , went to the toilet and there was light pinkish blood on my undies. Rang labour ward staight away said might be cause by the rhesus factor as my blood is a neg...

Wednesday 08 March 05:09pm

Fisher started new topic Joggers

Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions about joggers strollers. Pregnant with second child and do alot of walking, first child will be about 4 when baby is due but she still needs to sit down...

Friday 03 March 04:35pm

Fisher started new topic Falling Pregnant with second ??

My husband and I have Been trying for 6 month to fall pregnant. But nothing. This will be our second child and would like it to be as close to our 3year old as we can but its just not happening. Do...

Saturday 08 October 05:54pm

Fisher replied to topic TTC no#2 w concerns

Hi there I know the feeling been trying for 4months now for baby number 2 and get so upset when my periods come. Not only that, but now 2 of my friends are pregnant I am so happy for them but I ...

Monday 22 August 12:55pm

Fisher started new topic Am I pregnant

Hi Just wondering if anyone can help me. I have had 3 pregnancy test in the last 3 weeks but all neg. I feel pregnant but dont know very sore breast , alot of discharge a few champs and not feelin...

Monday 11 July 04:27pm

Fisher started new topic working-money????

Hi my Name is Emma.I have a 2 1/2yr old and am trying to have another baby. At the moment I work fulltime but when I have the baby can't afford to put both in childcare so wont be able to work as m...

Tuesday 14 June 10:11am
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