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leeh started new topic Started bottle and won't drink very much

My little lady of 8 months is finally taken the bottle and has been having it for 10 days. However, over the last few days will only drink about 100-140 ml per feed. Lucy will only do an average ...

Thursday 21 July 07:08pm

leeh replied to topic Help!-crying before every sleep and then catnapping.

My little girl is exactly the same. I have tried and tested so many things and have even been to a sleep school. I came to the conclusion that some babies can only unwind this way, by crying when ...

Saturday 16 April 05:37pm

leeh started new topic Baby won't take bottle, 5 months old

My little lady won't take formula or my own milk from the bottle. Need to start weaning her off and need any advice or methods people have tried and tested.

Saturday 16 April 05:21pm

leeh replied to topic Recommendations for formula

Many thanks for the replies. Looks like I have foung the obvious brand.

Monday 21 February 10:49am

leeh started new topic Recommendations for formula

I am currently breastfeeding my 3 month old. Thinking about slowly introducing formula, can anyone recommend a brand?

Monday 14 February 08:40am

leeh replied to topic Won't put herself to sleep

We are booked into a sleep day centre in a few weeks. We have tried all that you have suggested but she seems so determined and boy can she scream for a 10 week old! Where do they get the energy ...

Monday 24 January 11:20am

leeh replied to topic Won't put herself to sleep

Many thanks for your support. She is 10 weeks old. I just feel so guilty that I have to subject her to crying herself to sleep. I am booked in for a day at a sleep centre. This is in a few weeks...

Monday 24 January 11:15am

leeh replied to topic help - my baby is causing me grief

I've had similar experiences and I think you need to show her who is boss. I have just enhanced a strict routine now for bed: bath, bottle and then straight to bed! Screamed the first night but ...

Sunday 23 January 03:09pm

leeh started new topic Won't put herself to sleep

For the last few weeks we have been doing the feed play sleep routine. However, when it comes to being settled for the daytome sleep the screaming match begins. This can go on for up to 40 mins. ...

Sunday 23 January 03:05pm
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