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bella-be replied to topic funny things that the kids say

Hi having a good laugh great pages. My son who is 17 months had started understand about body noises due to the fact that when it happened some family members would laugh Then so would he. So I d...

Thursday 07 October 07:31pm

bella-be replied to topic do toddlers eat salad?

Hi carina I'm Bella I have a 17 month old son who I hadn't really tried much with either, yet the other day I was eating coleslaw minus the moyo, when he put his hand in, took some and ate it. And ...

Thursday 07 October 06:27pm

bella-be replied to topic 15 month old wants to feed himself

Hi melly Call me bella. I have a 17 month old who is very independant as well. The last time I went to the health nurse, she asked me if he was feeding himself? I said no way! erk what a mess! Sh...

Thursday 07 October 05:58pm

bella-be replied to topic Toys!

Hi, they have really good toy boxes bright plastic containers and wooden shelving at Bunnings Bella

Thursday 07 October 10:43am

bella-be replied to topic married but feel like you are a single parent!

My way of dealing with the fact that my husband (who is the one that wanted our third child so much after a nine year break) is to walk out and let him look after our active toddler for a few hours...

Thursday 07 October 10:26am
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