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oxleycat replied to topic Sleeping w ith mommy

Still breastfeeding here at 21months. I go by the World Health Organisation Guidelines which recommend a minimum of 2 years breastfeeding for optimum health. I'm actaully happy to let her self-wea...

Thursday 04 September 08:51am

oxleycat replied to topic weaning

Definately call the ABA! They are an absolute wealth of information on all aspects of breastfeeding, including weaning. They will have heaps pf suggestions. Good luck!

Thursday 04 September 08:46am

oxleycat replied to topic We made a big mistake

Dear Marti, You don't say why you feel it is a 'big mistake' for your baby to be sleeping in your bed. If you and your partner are comfortable with bubs in the bed, then you shouldn't feel pressu...

Thursday 04 September 08:42am
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