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keli started new topic Patting baby

Hi there I have a 10month old boy, he sleeps in the pram by day but always seems to break out of his sleep whether its quiet or not? At night we have to pat him to sleep otherwise he will just si...

Wednesday 27 September 05:28pm

keli started new topic i need to vent!!!!

Hi everyone I have a 22month old girl and a 4month old boy, i work 2 days per week and run a household!!! I don't have any time to myself at all..... It goes from one child to the other, one is...

Sunday 23 April 05:46am

keli started new topic Help, how do i keep going???

Hi everyone I need help!!!! I have a 22month old girl, she has been going to the potty but she wees on herself a little first then she'll do the rest in the potty. How do i get her to go before...

Saturday 22 April 09:36am

keli started new topic I was due YESTERDAY!!!

My second was due yesterday and nothing, no pains NOTHING!. I'm getting so frustrated, i have an 18month old at home as well and i just don't know how much longer i can go on!!! I need some posi...

Saturday 10 December 08:14am

keli started new topic when do they self feed?

I'm still having problems with giving my daughter food by spoon, she can feed herself my fork should i let her go at every meal to self feed, will she eat enough? She's 18months???? Any opinions...

Friday 02 December 04:22pm

keli started new topic feeding time nightmare

On occassions my 18month old can be real complicated around feeding time, we go through so many books and toys, trying to get her to focus so she can eat, (she's hungry) but doesn't want feed? HE...

Thursday 01 December 04:26pm

keli started new topic time for toddler

Hi Everyone I have a 18month old girl and i'm about to have my second child in Dec, i'm concerned about finding time to be with my 18month old, i don't want to neglect her, i love spending time w...

Thursday 01 December 11:49am
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