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Lynda JC

Lynda JC started new topic Moving Overseas

Hi All, I was wondering if anyone knew of anyone that has moved overseas with little ones and of what problems they may have encounted? thanks

Saturday 14 July 09:06am
Lynda JC

Lynda JC replied to topic Suction Bowls

Hi, I know that you wrote this years ago but you may now have another child but I was given a "the First Years' suction bowl with lid and it works great. Good luck!

Tuesday 14 June 12:49pm
Lynda JC

Lynda JC replied to topic Freezing Bananas

Hi kazmadi, I have been freezing bananas since my little one has been eating as he loves them but can't eat a whole one either. Although I recently purchased the Robin Barker book that said banan...

Sunday 05 June 12:42pm
Lynda JC

Lynda JC replied to topic leaking nappy in middle of the night

Hi Sydneymum, My little man also had the leaking problems when he was younger and after discussing this with my mothers group found that with boys you have to make sure his penis is down and not u...

Saturday 21 May 12:14pm
Lynda JC

Lynda JC replied to topic Is anyone using baby sleeping bags eg: Grobag

Hi Delma, I also have a 1.5 grobag and have had it for about 5 months, my boy doesn't sleep through beacuse of it(Charlie's Mum) and I was wondering about putting a sheet or blanket on top as the ...

Tuesday 03 May 11:59am
Lynda JC

Lynda JC replied to topic periods after breastfeeding??????

Hi, As many others I also got my periods back after 5 months and I'm still breastfeeding at 9 months. Good luck!

Friday 22 April 12:54pm
Lynda JC

Lynda JC started new topic Eczema and Breastfeeding

Hi, My 7 month old has recently come out with bad eczema all over different parts of his body. Someone suggested that it could be triggered by something I'm eating/drinking that comes through his ...

Wednesday 09 March 02:14pm
Lynda JC

Lynda JC replied to topic are there any working breastfeeding mums

Hi, I've also returned to work full time and have no problems expressing for my 7months old and he takes the bottle fine. The only thing I wonder sometimes is the breastfeeding making me exhausted ...

Wednesday 09 March 01:58pm
Lynda JC
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