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MUM2girl replied to topic dummy problem

hi my little pearl is 12 moths now and she still has dummy for sleep only. when she is awake there is no dummy. There is no reason at this stage to stop the dummy completely. When she wakes the du...

Saturday 24 September 06:42am

MUM2girl replied to topic sleep school.

Leona Hi I had huge troubles with pearl at about 5 weeks, I just coldn;'t get her to sleep without a breast to suck on. Sounds terible but I was almost always attached to her to get her to sleep, ...

Saturday 24 September 06:32am

MUM2girl replied to topic SEPTEMBER 2004 BABIES---IT'S BIRTHDAY TIME!!!

Hi there Pearl als enjoyed her 1st b'day yestreday!! so did I. We have a big party planed for tomorrow. She is such a gorgeous and happy girl. She is walking around and following me and the cat e...

Saturday 24 September 06:27am

MUM2girl started new topic spots around mouth!!!

Hi I hope I can get some suggestions. I have a 1 year old and she has a constant rash around her mouth. It is a cluster of red dots, mostly at the corners of her mouth, she dribbles a lot, is this...

Saturday 24 September 06:16am

MUM2girl replied to topic smokey environment

You are a totaly loving parent!!!!! definately don't take your little one into a toxic environment. I also think you should tell your friend the reason why you wont take him there. Suggest you cou...

Saturday 24 September 06:09am

MUM2girl replied to topic Vacination

Hi I hope evry went well for you. you asked how you would cope if they had a major reaction? I ask how would you cope if they got one of the major and fatal diseases that these little injuections ...

Saturday 24 September 06:05am

MUM2girl replied to topic rash queen!

Hi there! just saw your note. I have been a deramotology nurse for many years and know that my doctor usually recommends, dermaveen products for babys, they have a non soap wash (which i use for m...

Saturday 24 September 05:55am
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