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jorjasmum replied to topic NAPPY CHANGE!!!!

Maria, When I change my daughter if she is in a funny mood I give her a favourite toys to amuse her. It is over and done with in no time. Good luck with the toilet training.

Friday 23 September 01:29pm

jorjasmum replied to topic What age do you think a bub should start to babble?

Hi Amanda, My daughter started babbling at about 4 months old. Over the last month some things she is saying clearer but she still babbles most of the time and I am told this is normal. As he is...

Friday 23 September 01:15pm

jorjasmum replied to topic Turning around in bed

Tash, I also had this problem with Jorja from about the same age. I have used a grow bag since she started moving about so much and they are great Most nights this is enough, some nights however...

Friday 23 September 01:12pm

jorjasmum replied to topic nearly crawling...

Hello, From about 7 months my daughter did the up on all fours and rocking backwards and forwards for about 2 weeks and then it was full steam ahead. However I have a friend who's soon is 10 1/2 ...

Friday 23 September 01:07pm

jorjasmum replied to topic Babies due date

I also had my daughter on her due date. I went into labour the night before and had her early afternoon the day she was due. My ob even asked if I was in labour or just came in because it was my ...

Wednesday 21 September 10:35am

jorjasmum replied to topic Swimming

Hi Jo, I started my little girl at 7/12 months and would have started sooner except we both kept on getting a cold. We wanted to have our daughter used to water at an early age and she has been u...

Wednesday 21 September 10:32am

jorjasmum replied to topic Visitors and Routine.........

Susan, Lucky you to have a baby that sleeps through the night. However the day doesn't sound too good. I have always had a very loose routine with my daughter. I felt if I was too rigid with he...

Wednesday 21 September 09:02am

jorjasmum replied to topic 300mls in 12 hours

Once my little one was on 3 solid meals a day at about six months the only bottles she had was during the night and would take between 150 - 200ml each time. At this time I also started giving her...

Wednesday 21 September 08:50am

jorjasmum replied to topic Criticism for Public Breastfeeding

Good on you for being confident enough to feed in public, I wish I had but I had alot of trouble feeding. I am a very open minded person but did have to look twice at a young girl of about 16 walk...

Wednesday 21 September 08:45am

jorjasmum replied to topic 5 1/2 month old now on formula

Melly, I was feeling bad about stopping breastfeeding my daughter at 4 weeks but it just wasn't working. I had trouble feeding, it hurt ever time, it took forever and was so much hard work and I ...

Wednesday 21 September 08:41am

jorjasmum replied to topic Baby health nurse. not always right

There are good and not so good clinic nurses out there and I have dealt with both. I stopped breast feeding at four weeks because it was painful, it was so much work and I was always in tears beca...

Wednesday 21 September 08:32am

jorjasmum replied to topic Heinz formula??

I have used Heinz formula since my daughter was four week old and have never had a problem. I have also used Karicare when unable to get the Heinz which has also been good. The clinic nurse advis...

Wednesday 21 September 08:26am

jorjasmum replied to topic picking up after DAD all the time

I work fulltime whilst my husband does some part time work and look after our daughter and home. He is fantastic with looking after her and getting the cleaning done. Tidying up though is not his...

Wednesday 21 September 08:15am

jorjasmum replied to topic What age/How got rid of Dummy?.

A good friend of mine managed to get rid of both of her children's dummy's at about 21/2 years old. She let them know that they were big kids and coaxed them into leaving their dummies for Santa w...

Wednesday 21 September 08:01am

jorjasmum replied to topic stay at home mum or childcare?

As I am the bread winner of our family I went back to work after having 7 1/2 fantastic months at home with our daughter. My husband was more than happy to work part time and stay home and look af...

Wednesday 21 September 07:44am

jorjasmum replied to topic Your Dental Tips

I have two toothbrushes for my daughter. One so she can get used to it and will chew on it whilst she is in the bath and the other one I use to brush her teeth. I had a little resistance at first...

Wednesday 21 September 07:34am
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