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tekura6 replied to topic Weight gain after stopping breast feeding.

I put on weight while I am breastfeeding and lose it once they're weaned!

Wednesday 30 November 01:31pm

tekura6 replied to topic Maxalon helps increase milk supply!

You'll have to talk to your doctor first because you'll need a prescription. Maxalon can also cause depression, a better alternative that has the same effect (without the depression) is motilium (...

Sunday 04 September 08:08am

tekura6 replied to topic fedding and weight gain

Angela - congratulations on your Ben (I have a Ben too, who is 16 months). From what you say, his weight gain is fine. 1.7kg in 10 weeks (1 week to regain his birthweight). That's 170g a week ...

Wednesday 24 August 11:48am

tekura6 replied to topic Fussing whilst feeding

Hi Annie - is your milk flowing well (getting a let down). Could she be frustrated because she's only getting your foremilk? On the other hand she could be full but still wanting to suck, and the...

Friday 19 August 10:21am

tekura6 replied to topic I didnt know what to do

Karen, this isn't probably what you want to hear, but my breastfeeding babies would never take a bottle. My first I weaned at about the same age as your bub, actually she weaned herself, and for t...

Wednesday 03 August 04:02pm

tekura6 started new topic Guess that book

I'll give this one a go - this is for all the bookworms out there. It's like guess that song, but you give a brief description of a book and everyone has to guess the title and author. It can be ...

Tuesday 12 July 07:49am

tekura6 replied to topic Playing with and spitting out food

My 15 month is also cutting molars and is a shocking eater at the moment - it must definitely be teeth!

Monday 11 July 11:57am

tekura6 replied to topic Getting kids to eat well

Sorry but I must disagree - I have 4 children - 2 that are great eaters, one fair and one very fussy eater. Same mum, it's just different kids.

Saturday 02 July 05:25am

tekura6 replied to topic Babys Formula Tastes Off

All I know is formula does taste foul (IMO), maybe it's supposed to taste like that. It's not a sour, curdled smell, is it?

Sunday 12 June 04:51am

tekura6 replied to topic Powdered milk

I think powdered milk is the same as whole milk once it's made up. Tastes different though, so bub may not like it. I wonder if any nutrient or vitamin value is lost when the milk is powdered? S...

Sunday 12 June 04:49am

tekura6 started new topic Toddler won't drink!

My 14 month old boy pushes the cup away nearly every time I offer it to him. He used to drink about 500ml during the day but now will hardly drink anything. I've tried lots of different cups but ...

Friday 10 June 01:48pm

tekura6 replied to topic eczema

I totally agrree with jm - from all I've read breastfeeding is best for babies with allergies - plus delaying solids as long as you can - which is easier to do when you are breastfeeding. Please f...

Monday 16 May 07:38am

tekura6 replied to topic Visitors and Routine.........

Susan - I think your bub is pretty normal for a breastfeeding baby - they're all so different, and there are lots that do what your bub does. Sorry to criticise your MIL but how dare she call a ba...

Saturday 14 May 11:53am

tekura6 replied to topic Trying to wean from breast.

Ben is 13 months and won't drink milk either. If you can get the equivelant of 600ml of milk through soy products, you can wean without giving her extra milk - just juice and water. Sounds like s...

Saturday 14 May 07:28am

tekura6 replied to topic 4 or 6 Month?????

I started Ben on tastes at 6 months, but he didn't eat solids properly until 8 months. Apparently enzymes needed to digest food properly aren't even present in their system until closer to 6 month...

Friday 13 May 01:28pm

tekura6 replied to topic not sure if this is right or not

Ben likes the heinz multigrain breakfast with banana - the red box - it actually doesn't taste too bad because of the banana flavour. Re: weetbix - I heard 9 months too - I know babies will tolera...

Friday 13 May 05:52am

tekura6 replied to topic Post Natal Depression and no one to talk to

Thanks Kris for your lovely reply. Everything you said was spot on. I have been feeling a bit better the last couple of days, so that's been good. You are so right in saying our mood affects the...

Wednesday 11 May 07:35am

tekura6 replied to topic how old should you give a baby solids

Ben didn't start solids in any serious way until about 8 months. Breastfed babies can do just fine on breastmilk alone for most of the first year.

Tuesday 10 May 04:44pm

tekura6 replied to topic How much formula for 9-10 month old?

I think 600ml is spot on perfect, isn't it? That's what's reccommended once they're eating 3 x solids a day. It sounds like your health nurse doesn't have great communication skills. She should ...

Tuesday 10 May 10:39am

tekura6 replied to topic Worried about weight re:clothes

My 13 month old wears size 1 pants and size 2 tops. He has a long torso and short legs like his dad - or maybe all 13 month olds have short legs. I hate it when he stands on the bottom of his pan...

Tuesday 10 May 08:02am
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