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pedro started new topic one boob dried up!?!

Hi there. I have had this experience twice now and wonder if anyone else has. When I get to about 9 months and bubs starts sleeping through (yep my kids take ages), I lose supply in my right boob...

Saturday 24 February 01:53pm

pedro started new topic hospitalised for gastro

I'm sure all parents have experienced the horror of a child with gastro. My daughter had a couple of vomits on Friday, but no diarrhoea. On Saturday she became lethargic to the point of not movin...

Wednesday 06 December 01:28pm

pedro replied to topic playpens

Hi we got a cheapie from babyco in SA as I thought it would be an essential. Truth be known it has mostly been used to keep baby away from things eg. the heater rather than baby being in it. Prob...

Thursday 05 October 10:19am

pedro started new topic anyone else breastfeeding and rundown?

I am breastfeeding my 5 m.o. son. He is also having some solids at morning and night and will occassionally have 50ml topup of formula before bed. My problem is that I have had so many colds this...

Thursday 05 October 09:51am

pedro started new topic best thing for dry skin

Hi sorry if this topic has been done to death before. Not a serious problem, but my 2.5 year old has dry rough skin which goes into itchy red spots when it is at its worst (particularly on her bot...

Saturday 30 September 11:25am

pedro replied to topic baby getting distracted during b/f

How frustrating for you both! Could baby have a cold too? My son is a couple weeks older than you and this behaviour set in with him from about 3 months. This is compounded by having a busy 2.5 ...

Tuesday 26 September 11:18am

pedro replied to topic baby acne does anyone know of this condition?

My son and daughter both had bad rashes that looked like acne all over their faces and necks after bringing them home. The nurse told us it was a hormonal rash, but I think it was dry skin/dermati...

Sunday 23 July 12:37pm

pedro started new topic Where to buy towelling training pants

Hi I am new to this topic so apologies if this has been covered before. I am about to start tt my 2 y.o. and would like to use towelling reusable training pants rather than pullups due to the cost...

Friday 16 June 11:22am

pedro replied to topic self settling???

My understanding of self settling is that when bubs is put down to sleep (when tired) that he or she can get themselves off to sleep without rocking, patting, walking etc. It also means that if bu...

Monday 12 June 12:14pm

pedro started new topic how much daytime sleep for 2y.o?

My daughter is 2 next month and lately she does not seem to want or need a daytime sleep. I try to put her down a couple of times, only to go in there and find her standing on the window sill (eek...

Monday 27 February 06:00pm

pedro started new topic suddenly hates bath

My 15 y.o. who previously loved swimming, baths and showers now screams when she goes in water and tries to climb out. She has a cough, cold and a bit of asthma at the moment. Why is this happeni...

Sunday 17 July 04:38am

pedro started new topic first signs of pregnancy

Did anyone think they were pregnant immediately after they conceived? If yes, how did you know? I think I am pregnant after starting work on our 2nd baby on Monday night and my DH thinks I've los...

Friday 17 June 04:34pm

pedro replied to topic Birthday Cakes

I don't live in Sydney so can't help at all really. I was determined to do my daughter a cake for her first birthday because I never had a decorated cake when I was growing up. I did the frog out...

Friday 10 June 05:26pm

pedro replied to topic prams with capsules

I have the Unity capsule and pram which I think is made by Steelcraft. Great for when bubs is young, and the capsule is supposed to take them up to 9kg. But I changed her to an upright seat at 8k...

Wednesday 08 June 05:24am

pedro started new topic 2.5 or 3 year gap?

I don't want to have number two until the first is out of the cot and hopefully toilet trained. I generally can't cope with more than one thing at a time so I am applying this to babycare as well!...

Monday 06 June 08:31am

pedro started new topic It's Potty Time book

I am looking for a copy of this book which is out of print. It is part of a series called First Experiences. Other books in the series are preschool, the park and new baby.

Wednesday 01 June 08:35am

pedro started new topic spout teats

I am wondering if anyone has tried these teats? They are made of silicon, but are more of a sipper spout than a normal teat. I think they are Pur brand. I am still trying to wean my baby of milk ...

Thursday 26 May 05:19pm

pedro replied to topic Doctor's indemnity

My obstetrician brought in new charges when the local private hospital closed its maternity ward. The fee of $500 was not covered by my health fund. The obstetrician respected his patients right ...

Thursday 12 May 04:40pm

pedro replied to topic frustrated with nuk teats

Can you tell us what the problem is mum to three? I am very interested to hear...

Thursday 12 May 04:21pm

pedro replied to topic 12 month old Immunisations

Good for you guys!

Thursday 12 May 04:17pm
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