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innesclan replied to topic When do you change from a anti reflux formula to a normal formula?

Hi Ladies, I have an 8 week old with reflux but my #2 also had reflux - she is now almost 3. I kept jessica on S26AR till she was waened and onto cows milk. I hear your concerms about not being a ...

Monday 28 March 12:44am

innesclan replied to topic Heinz Formula Baby food????

HI all, I am amother to 3 the youngest now 5 weeks old and I also had problems with s26 and karicare gold. My advice to you all is try SMA it comes in a pink tin and is around $10-12 a tin. I used...

Sunday 06 March 01:52am

innesclan replied to topic induction

Hi all, I was induced with my first and not an experience I would want repeated. My waters were broken and they waiting an hour to see if that alone would start my labour, but no so the drip went ...

Sunday 06 March 01:32am

innesclan replied to topic Scaredy Cat ??

HI Guys, I am a mum of 3, aged 5,2 and 4weeks and let me assure you that this is just a stage that your precious ones are going through. My older 2 went through it, babies feel safe around familia...

Thursday 03 March 08:54am

innesclan replied to topic Elective Caesareans

I had #3 on the 27/01/05 delivered by a elective repeat c-seaction, and it was the best choice I had. I didnt like that fact that I risked scar rupture, so elected for a repeat c-seaction. My son w...

Wednesday 02 March 10:57am

innesclan replied to topic caesar question - New mum

Hi, I have just had my second caesar and baby number 3, Kevin is now five and was a natural birth, but due to a horrific birth experience with Kevin, I had Jessica now 2 by c-section, ended up ha...

Monday 28 February 01:33am

innesclan started new topic Welcome Cooper

At 8.41am on the 27th Jan,at 39 weeks, we welcomed number three into the world, a little brother for Kevin(age 5) and Jessica(age 2) Name: Cooper James Innes Time:8.41am weight:2600G or 5 Pound 12...

Monday 28 February 01:02am

innesclan replied to topic Lactose Intolerance

Hi, my daughter(now 2) had severe ruflux and colic from about 3 weeks. I tried all different formulas and ped kept telling me that she would just outgrow it. When she was 7 weeks she got a bacteria...

Monday 28 February 12:53am

innesclan replied to topic premature baby allowances

Hi, I have just had number three at 39 weeks but he weighed in at 2.5kgs. My other 2 were both premmies though my eldest at 35 weeks and Jessica (now 2 and a half) at 33 weeks. From experience I ...

Monday 28 February 12:26am

innesclan replied to topic Mums in Greensorough/Yallambie/Watsonia

Hi Robyn, I am also a mummy of three, the third born 4 weeks ago. I have a five year old son, that started school this year aswell and a 2 year old girl named Jessica. My eldest son is Kevin and o...

Sunday 27 February 11:39pm
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