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tmestar replied to topic west suburbs mummy wants 2 make new friends :)

Hello i have added you to my msn hope to chat soon....

Saturday 17 February 01:10pm

tmestar replied to topic Twinkle Toes

Hello there i remember the excitement we got our now 2 year old's feet and hands done he was a tiny 4 months old and i was so excited they now hang with pride and god forbid if my house were to bur...

Thursday 13 July 12:51pm

tmestar replied to topic baby number 1 EDD 14/11

Good morning there, i am having my second baby and i am due on the 16th November. Having my third scan this afternoon so excited i cant wait. I hope your pregnancy is going nice and smoothly and yo...

Saturday 24 June 03:45am

tmestar replied to topic WESTERN SUBURBS

Hello i am in Hoppers Crossing not far from you at all. I have lived here for 5 years now didnt think i wanted to stay here but now i couldn't move away haha... Hope to chat again soon xox

Thursday 15 June 11:15am

tmestar started new topic Baby Showers when is it too early to have one?

I was wondering when it was too early to have a baby shower i know most people have them about 35+ weeks but when is it too early to hold one???

Wednesday 14 June 07:02am

tmestar replied to topic Gift ideas

What about something silver related and you could get her name engraved on it. You can get gorgous rocking horses which from memeory we paid about $17 for one from a knick knack store than got it e...

Wednesday 14 June 06:31am

tmestar replied to topic ANY YOUNG VIC MUMS! knox areas esp.

Hello i am young mumma and although i dont live in Knox thought i would say HI.... I do live in Melb though the Western Suburbs though.

Tuesday 06 June 03:59am

tmestar replied to topic coping with a loss of a loved one...

Im so sorry to hear of the loss of your father. I have not been though something like this so i can't begin to imagine how sad and upset you are right now, but do try to relax and take care of that...

Saturday 20 May 07:28am

tmestar replied to topic how do you know....

Hey Bec and congratulations on the upcoming birth of your first born it is a very nervous and scary time when it is your first as you have no idea what is going on. I was 18 when i was pregnant wit...

Saturday 20 May 07:25am

tmestar started new topic Werribee Mercy - Anybody due in Nov and going??

I a 12 weeks pregnant and booked into the Werribee Mercy, just wondering if anybody else is going there....... thanks xoxox

Thursday 04 May 11:04am

tmestar replied to topic Welcome Taya Saskia

Hello congrats on your little girl gorgous name i love it! I am pregnant with number two and am having my bub at the werribee mercy as well!

Thursday 20 April 08:18am

tmestar started new topic Toy Sales???

Hello i know i may sound so nerdy but i was curious if anybody knew when they did the big XMAS toy sales! The one where you layby until XMAS EVE! I put on a XMAS layby today for my son could not re...

Tuesday 18 April 08:29am

tmestar replied to topic EASTER!!

Hello there i hope your DH doesnt get called in on Easter morning and gets to stay at home with you guys!! We do my partners side only as my fmaily live in QLD, but his side is much more fun (no of...

Friday 14 April 09:53am

tmestar replied to topic Maryborough mums???

Hello im sorry i am not from Maryborough but i was curious if you meant the Maryborough near Dunolly??

Tuesday 11 April 08:34am

tmestar replied to topic Hannah Lily is here

Congratulations Larnie on the birth of little Hannah she is an adorable bubba and sounds like the sweetest little girl. Hope the time slows down for you a bit so you get to really enjoy her! (hope ...

Friday 07 April 07:25am

tmestar replied to topic Navel piercings & growing belly

I have a belly ring and when i was pregnant with my son my belly button never popped out but i did have a banana bell in and i used to hate seeing it though my tops and put in a very thin ring and ...

Wednesday 15 March 08:33pm

tmestar replied to topic What did you buy?

I ahve a few things probally very coomon things though not sure LOL The first thing is the plastic contianers which has 3 sections for formula, so when going out you prepare the amount of formula ...

Sunday 12 March 09:26am

tmestar started new topic Babies born with Talipes!!!

Im not sure where to post this topic so chose here LOL my son now 22 1/2 months old was born 4 days late via vaccum almost a c-section and was 54cm and 9pound 11 yes he was a biggin! He not only ha...

Monday 06 March 06:43pm

tmestar replied to topic Fussy Eater

I also have a fussy eater! Ever since he began teething he has not been the same! Everytime he eats something new i think YES and than i try him again and he spits it out! I can't win LOL! We usual...

Tuesday 29 November 02:29pm

tmestar started new topic Tanning over stretch marks?

Hello i have the worst stretch marks over my belly and thighs even a few nasty thick ones and i was wanting to know if anybody has tried to tan whether getting a spray tan or self tanning whether t...

Monday 31 October 08:15am
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