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TwoBeautGirls replied to topic Feed, play, sleep or feed, cry, sleep?

I am also going through the same thing, my little one is 9wks tomorrow and seems to be getting worse rather than better, this is my 2nd child and there is only 17mths between the two but do you thi...

Wednesday 24 May 01:19pm

TwoBeautGirls replied to topic mothers day

Hi There Sorry to hear you didn't have a good mothers day...if it makes you feel better mine was just as bad last year, it was my first last year and I was told to go buy myself something and that ...

Tuesday 16 May 07:42am

TwoBeautGirls replied to topic Nappy Rash

It could be a thrush rash which means nothing other than a thrush cream will make it disappear, I also have a 18 month old and whenever her rash get really bad I get Daktozin you can buy it over th...

Sunday 14 May 05:32pm

TwoBeautGirls replied to topic dont do NOTHING

Sometimes I think PS2 is the worst thing ever invented!!! When I had my first baby my hubby also spent most of time on the game then he decided to take up golf and would go play once or twice a da...

Sunday 14 May 05:21pm

TwoBeautGirls replied to topic water to bubs???

Hi There I asked my dr this question and he told me that breastfed babies do not need water as they get all the nutrients they need in their milk, Water will just fill your baby up and will then no...

Friday 12 May 06:17pm

TwoBeautGirls replied to topic Kalgoorlie

Hi There Im currently living in Kalgoorlie, I have two girls aged 18mths and 7weeks. Not sure if you are still checking this site or not but let me know if you are.

Friday 12 May 06:09pm

TwoBeautGirls replied to topic Dat Time Sleep???

Hi There I totally understand where you are coming from, I have a 7 week old who is pretty good at night but during the day is a nightmare, she is really unsettled and spends most of the day crying...

Wednesday 10 May 10:47am

TwoBeautGirls replied to topic dream feeds

Hi There I have done dream feeds with both my children and find it works really well. My first baby slept through at around 7-8weeks as I started this straight away, my second girl is nearly 7 wee...

Wednesday 10 May 09:06am

TwoBeautGirls replied to topic In-Law Issues

I think everyone would have their own little story where MIL are concerned. With my first child I got so anxious and stressed everytime she did something I asked her not to and of course everythin...

Wednesday 10 May 08:58am

TwoBeautGirls started new topic Feeling Alone

Hi There I have two girls 18months apart and am really feeling the strain of it all. My oldest daughter is great and has always been really easy but my other daughter who is now 6 weeks old is more...

Friday 05 May 02:08pm
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