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OzMummy started new topic Breast feeding in public....

Since the arrival of my daughter (9 weeks) I had never given much thought to mothers feeding in public, however I am fast learning that many people have strong opinions on the matter...!!! I find ...

Wednesday 22 March 06:01am

OzMummy started new topic On Becoming Babywise

This is an excellent book on teaching your child to sleep through the night. I was able to get my daughter to sleep between 7-10 hours a night from 6 weeks old and strongly recommend this book!!!

Wednesday 15 March 07:10am

OzMummy replied to topic Steelcraft Acclaim

WOW!!! I have the same pram and have had exactly the same problem!!! The wheels vibrate and it sets off all the security alarms. This is SO very embarrassing!!! I rang the place that I purchase...

Wednesday 15 March 07:01am

OzMummy started new topic The common cold....

Over the past few days it sounds like my 8 week old has developed a cold. She has a stuffy nose, a cough and generally sounds all clogged up. Apparently Vicks rub is for babies 3 months and older...

Wednesday 15 March 06:58am
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