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Lindajammy09 replied to topic Caesarians

Hi there, first of all I would like to congratulate you. And absolutely not! Everybody needs to respect your wishes. you'll have just gone through major abdominal surgery. Moving will be ha...

Saturday 10 February 09:58pm

Lindajammy09 replied to topic Wanting to get pregnant

Hi there, I wonder if you have done your pregnancy tests yet? My advice to you would take the pregnancy test using different equipment if you still get a negative then you are probably not pregnant...

Saturday 10 February 09:52pm

Lindajammy09 replied to topic Pregnancy after loss

Hi there, Congratulation! it's such a blessing that you are pregnant. take care of yourself at this time the most. I am so sorry to read that you have lost your child previously because of hig...

Wednesday 07 February 08:50pm

Lindajammy09 replied to topic fit

Hi Dory! thanks for sharing such valuable and important information for all the pregnant moms to be. I wish if I could be one of them, I don't understand how to express myself. I just visited ...

Wednesday 07 February 08:42pm

Lindajammy09 replied to topic Empty sac at 5 weeks

Hi there, I am hopeful that are pregnant, as the ultrasound scans at this stage mostly cannot detect baby. I am sure you will get a proper scan with the baby showing inside your uterus within coupl...

Wednesday 07 February 01:54am

Lindajammy09 replied to topic June mothers

Hi there, congratulation! I am not pregnant. Just saw your post thought to congratulate you. I hope you will find some other women who are due around your time. I am currently TTC, and it feels lik...

Tuesday 06 February 11:44pm

Lindajammy09 replied to topic What are your health problems after giving birth?

Hi there, hormonal imbalance is a normal thing after birth. It takes sometime for your body to get back into normal functioning. I would suggest you to consult your doctor an don't apply or us...

Tuesday 06 February 01:41am

Lindajammy09 replied to topic Happy

Congratulation! indeed this is the best time in women's life. I can feel the excitement from your post. you are really lucky to have help and support around. Enjoy your time, just eat healthy...

Friday 02 February 07:22pm

Lindajammy09 replied to topic Just a general discussion

Hi Sara! welcome to the forum. I wish you good Luck and hope you will get pregnant naturally. How long have you been trying? Did you ever tracked your cycle? Its very helpful in knowing the ovulati...

Thursday 01 February 07:08pm

Lindajammy09 replied to topic No visitors for 24 hours after birth

This is really a tricky situation. I also wanted to avoid visitors right after my delivery, luckily it worked for me as it was the policy of the clinic that they didn't allow visitors at least...

Wednesday 24 January 06:55pm

Lindajammy09 replied to topic surrogacy abroad

I am happy that you have made a wise decision. yes, that's absolutely true surrogacy in the USA is very expensive as compared to its prices in Ukraine. A friend of mine has just got back after...

Wednesday 24 January 06:46pm

Lindajammy09 started new topic How long shall I breast feed by baby

Hi everyone, I am writing this post on behave of my friend, she recently become a mother, and is exclusively breastfeeding her son. she wanted to know that what is the idea age until she can breast...

Sunday 21 January 02:22am

Lindajammy09 replied to topic Extremely bad wind pains! Constantly crying all day in pain!

Colic is such a big problem in newborn babies. It starts few days after birth and stays till around 5 months. There is no particular medicine to help the poor soul. It is very disturbing for parent...

Sunday 21 January 02:11am
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