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firefoxy started new topic I'm back

Hi, remember me? Probably not. I haven't been on for months and months. Thought I'd check in and see what's happening. I have been busy over the past few months documenting my son's autism recovery...

Saturday 07 April 10:53am

firefoxy started new topic Doll House Family

Can anybody tell me where to buy a family for a dolls house? I have looked on Ebay but don't want those ones, they are wooden and don't look realistic. Any suggestions?

Tuesday 10 October 07:16pm

firefoxy replied to topic I CAN COOK!!!!

Hi, I am so pleased that you have discovered this wonderful world of cooking! As somebody that absolutely loves cooking, I can understand the pleasure in making something and having your family enj...

Monday 02 October 07:11pm

firefoxy started new topic a really tough question

I have been wondering a lot lately, if something were to happen to me, how do I have a say as to what will happen to my child. Don't worry, I am not dying, it's just that my mother died when I was ...

Sunday 24 September 01:18pm

firefoxy replied to topic pregnant 16yr old

It would be hard without the financial support, but if she has her parents and boyfriends support, that would make the world of difference. As for "in love", unfortunately it is one of those thing...

Friday 22 September 02:06pm

firefoxy started new topic What should I do with old clothes?

I have spring cleaned my son's wardrobe and filled up 3 large garbage bags full of clothes that he'll never wear again, I don't think I am having any more children, but I have kept some of his more...

Friday 22 September 06:20am

firefoxy replied to topic h*ggies profile on msn.. what do you think??

cool, will send when i get a chance.

Wednesday 20 September 07:04pm

firefoxy replied to topic Getting over ruined friendships!!

Hi Ana, I have gone through a bad time too when my friendship broke up with somebody I considered to be like my sister, I will call her "M". It was over nothing, seriously. What happened was, me an...

Tuesday 19 September 10:34am

firefoxy started new topic Yahoo! Answers

Anyone else addicted to Yahoo! Answers? I am trying to keep away from it. Any question you ask, you get people from all over the world answering in a matter of seconds. answers.ya...

Saturday 16 September 06:46pm

firefoxy started new topic changing eye clolour

Does anyone else here not know what colour to call their child's eyes? My son used to have pure blue eyes, but the last couple of months they have changed and are blue when he is outside, green or ...

Friday 15 September 07:02am

firefoxy replied to topic Sad Day for Zara

Hi Emily's mum, I read your story and the poem yesterday and cannot stop thinking about it. I hope you are doing ok under the circumstances. I apologise about what I am going to ask next, but I jus...

Wednesday 13 September 11:18am

firefoxy started new topic listens to other people

Why is it that my son listens to other people but not me? Today at child care the lady told him to pick up the toys and put the books back on the shelf and he did it. When I tell him stuff like tha...

Thursday 07 September 12:06pm

firefoxy replied to topic Mistakes can happen to the most careful people...........

Wow Kristy, what a scary experience. Please don't beat yourself up over it, you did NOTHING wrong, it is just one of those things that can happen to anyone. I am glad it was all over with quickly (...

Sunday 03 September 06:18am

firefoxy started new topic tic tacs

this is a strange topic, but you wanna know what really bothers me? Every time we go to the supermarket checkout, my DS sees the tic tacs and then he cries for them and if i don't buy them he has a...

Friday 01 September 01:23pm

firefoxy replied to topic first day back at work

Hi Mummba, you might soon find that going to work is like a short little holiday! Although I only do 2-3 days a week part-time, I find that getting out of the house and mixing with adults makes me ...

Wednesday 30 August 06:20am

firefoxy started new topic Would you take the risk?

Hi Ladies, I have an almost 3 year old son. He has just been assessed for Autism as he has some unique characteristics, and have just found that he only made it on the scale of Autism Spectrum Dis...

Wednesday 30 August 05:32am

firefoxy replied to topic Cake Icing

Yes used this for DS bday last year, I buy the icing in bulk from cake supplies store in Melb. A few drops of blue and a few drops of green can give a really nice aqua colour. If you don't kneed it...

Thursday 24 August 05:25pm

firefoxy started new topic My First Bike

Has anyone heard of the new concept of toddler bike riding called "My First Bike"? It is a bike without pedals, the toddler's push themselves on their own until they eventually learn to balance and...

Sunday 20 August 04:31pm

firefoxy started new topic Dr Phil 17/8/06

Did anyone watch Dr Phil today? There were a couple on there today that were engaged and they were 2nd cousins. I thought it was totally wrong, my second cousins are so close to me, I have grown up...

Friday 18 August 08:56pm

firefoxy started new topic New member of Hi-5: Sun Park

Was just wondering if anyone knows where I can see a pic of the new Hi-5 member that's replacing Kathleen. I think her name is Sun Park. Just curious to see what she looks like. I have tried googli...

Monday 14 August 06:31am
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