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lexi'smum started new topic canberra mums

hi, i thought i would start a new thread as some of the others are a little old and i think maybe a few of the posters arnt around anymore, so I thought this way we could know who is still around a...

Friday 21 April 06:30am

lexi'smum replied to topic Anyone In Tuggeranong area?

Hi Mel, I live in the Queanbeyan area, I have been here almost two years, however I still havnt met many people from here, I have a little girl Lexus who is nearly 15 months. I have a lot of famil...

Thursday 19 January 02:07pm

lexi'smum replied to topic Target Toy Sale

hey thanks heaps for the great tip!! i went there and picked up great things for lexus's birthday, what great timing! I ended up getting a toy bike/car thing they ride, a battery operated crawling...

Friday 14 October 03:49pm

lexi'smum replied to topic Just watching.. :)

what do you love 'just watching' your children doing?

Friday 14 October 07:02am

lexi'smum started new topic Just watching.. :)

Hi everyone, im just sitting here watching my little one, (1nxt week) play quietly with her toys, she has been playing for almost an hour now, without a single sound or even worrying what im doing,...

Friday 14 October 06:05am

lexi'smum started new topic Pls help.Im not sure

Hi, I am just wondering how many meals and what sort of food my DD should be having, she is 11.5 months and has 3 meals a day,but I have been reading that this is not really enough, should I cut ou...

Tuesday 11 October 10:15am

lexi'smum started new topic preventing stretch marks

Hi ladies, just thought id post this on here as its something i wish i had known, as we all know stretch marks are caused by rapid increase in size and stretching of the skin, so therefore during p...

Friday 30 September 06:12am

lexi'smum started new topic Stretch marks >:(

Hi i know there are no "cures" for stretch marks but just wondering if any one has found anything that actually works in fading them, there are so many creams out there and i dont wana waste money ...

Thursday 08 September 08:27am

lexi'smum replied to topic Scratching Ear

Hi babybee, Is your little one teething? my daughter did it at the first stages of teething, aparently they get tingles in there ears when there teeth are cutting, and is quite irritating so they p...

Friday 12 August 03:28pm
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