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Talex_Jdoug replied to topic 10 month old not eating soilds at all

If you worry and stress she will probably feel it too. Are there any allergies in the family that may be affecting her with some of the foods she eats? I assume you've had her checked for any ...

Monday 05 February 08:46pm

Talex_Jdoug replied to topic How to keep him busy

My 3 yr old is active that way too. Even after a long day at preschool when he should be tired he still has WAY more energy than me (it seems the rest of the house wants to settle down & he...

Monday 05 February 08:35pm

Talex_Jdoug started new topic Capsules - using one for 2 cars

Hi, I'm 30 wks pregnant with my 3rd child. With my other 2 i just used rear facing seat but as youngest is still using his seat I am thinking about capsule/carrier for this one. I was thinking...

Monday 05 February 08:28pm
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