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Emmysmum started new topic Doctors in the inner west

Hello all, I have unfortunately lost confidence in our GP and am needing a new one to replace...can anyone recommend someone? Preferably female and not necessarily a bulk biller. We live in the Cr...

Saturday 05 December 10:36am

Emmysmum started new topic Dancing or Gymnastics

Hello all, I'm looking into enrolling my almost 4 yr old in either dance classes or gymnastics. Does anyone know which would be the better? I also have a 2 yr old boy who I was thinking would join...

Thursday 12 March 04:02pm

Emmysmum started new topic A qn about cubby houses or activity centres

We're thinking about purchasing a cubby house or outdoor activity centre for our children (2.5 and 14 months) and seeing as though we'll likely be spending over $1000, I just wanted to know people'...

Sunday 24 February 08:01pm

Emmysmum started new topic Eczema and washing powder/liquid

Hi all, My son suffers from eczema and allergies (quite severely when exposed to allergens). I was wondering if anyone could recommend a washing powder or liquid that I could use on his clothes. E...

Saturday 10 November 07:18am

Emmysmum started new topic Money and inlaws

This is going to be a longish post. But to cut a long story short I have only just realised that my husband has been paying his parents' mortgage which amts to $5000 per mth. In the meantime, they ...

Tuesday 31 October 06:55pm

Emmysmum started new topic Selective clinginess

Hi all, My LO is now 15mths old and she is super clingy when I do housework especially cooking and the dishes. She'll actually physically put her body between me and the sink/stove and push me awa...

Thursday 21 September 06:44pm

Emmysmum started new topic Strapless maternity bras

Does anyone know of a good strapless maternity bra? I've asked around and but noone seems to know of one? I have weddings etc coming up and I need one for my outfits. Any suggestions would be much ...

Thursday 21 September 06:34pm

Emmysmum started new topic Starting childcare

Hey all, My hubby and I own a business and have been sharing the care of both the business and our DD together. However, now that I'm expecting another LO I'm finding it really hard to juggle eve...

Thursday 29 June 07:32am

Emmysmum started new topic Diabetes and pregnancy

Hey everyone, I had gestational diabetes with my first pregnancy and due to bad genes or bad luck it never really went away (I was classified as pre-diabetic I think they call it). Now I'm pregnan...

Saturday 10 June 07:10pm

Emmysmum started new topic When to start LO on food that rest of family eats?

Hi all - this may seem a silly question but when can babies start eating the food that we cook for ourselves? I know that when I make something bland she could have that but our usual cooking invol...

Wednesday 31 May 06:22am

Emmysmum started new topic Unable to be left alone?

Hi all, My LO is almost 7 months old and cannot play on her own. Someone always has to be with her to entertain her or to switch toys for her (she gets bored very quickly). She has this squeal/scr...

Monday 09 January 09:27am

Emmysmum started new topic Feeding before sleeps

Hi all, I have just discovered that my LO prefers to be fed before sleeping. This has probably come about at the babysitters who (despite strict instructions ) may have given her a bottle before h...

Wednesday 16 November 09:43pm

Emmysmum replied to topic 4 mth old now wanting to feed 3 hrly at!

Hello - just letting you know that you're not the only one! My DD (now 4 months) had started doing this from her 3 month growth spurt! I have tried stretching out her daytime feeds to make sure tha...

Tuesday 18 October 08:02am

Emmysmum started new topic Potty training

Hi all, my dd has just turned 4 months and I was told by a few ppl that I could start potty training her by seating her on the potty - this way she would be trained by the time she is 6 months of a...

Monday 17 October 05:15pm

Emmysmum started new topic Catnapping

Hello, I have a 11 week old baby who cannot sleep beyond 0.5 hr stretches during the day. She usually has no problems settling but cannot seem to be able to stay asleep and wakes up crying in dis...

Saturday 27 August 05:13am

Emmysmum started new topic Sleeping through noise

Hello! My little one is 10 weeks old and requires absolute or near absolute silence whenever she has her sleeps otherwise she would startle and waken and it would take forever to comfort her back t...

Tuesday 23 August 05:56am

Emmysmum started new topic Fussing whilst feeding

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me. My daughter is 9 wks old and was breastfeeding really well. The last couple of days however, she would latch on and feed for about 5 mins before pulling...

Friday 19 August 09:11am
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