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Julie Mark

Julie Mark replied to topic Ultrasound

Happy to know that you are pregnant. I am really looking forward to being too. My DH and I are TTC for almost 4 months. No good news yet. But I hope we will be conceiving soon. I just wanted to wis...

Monday 26 February 09:22pm
Julie Mark

Julie Mark replied to topic Figured out stuff..

I am doing fine, thanks for asking. I am glad to know about you. I hope and wish this works for you. May this trial gives you the happiness you have been waiting for. May you have your babies soon....

Saturday 24 February 08:02am
Julie Mark

Julie Mark replied to topic Wanting to get pregnant

Hey! Good to hear that you wanna get pregnant. It is the most wonderful feeling in the world I tell you. No, it's not too soon to start ttc. My doctor told me I can start ttc anytime I want wh...

Tuesday 20 February 02:36am
Julie Mark

Julie Mark replied to topic Natural pregnancy or to go with IVF?

Jeniffer, I can completely understand you. First of all, I am sorry for your failures. M/Cs leaves nothing but sadness. Conceiving is the dream of every woman. You also want to be pregnant even aft...

Friday 16 February 02:34am
Julie Mark
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