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Jenni_B replied to topic How do you bring up the subject of ...

Hi there, Let him read your post!!! He might understand better if he reads how you feel rather than you saying it. Counselling is a great idea and I hope that you're able to get him to go alon...

Thursday 28 January 10:04am

Jenni_B started new topic Feeling a little bit sad ...

DS, DH and I just had our last meal at McDonalds with just the three of us. Tomorrow I'm having a c-section and bringing our little girl into the world and all I can think about is how much DS's l...

Friday 08 January 05:14pm

Jenni_B replied to topic i just wanted to.............

Congratulations! that's a great achievement. I didn't manage to feed DS at all, due to him having to be tube fed from birth, and I'm reluctant to even try with this baby, but if you girls can do ...

Wednesday 06 January 05:15pm

Jenni_B replied to topic how was jack??

Thats so cute!!!

Wednesday 06 January 05:08pm

Jenni_B replied to topic Don't feel bad if you have to have a caeser, people are obnoxious and have no idea what they are talking about!

Oh, don't start me on other people's opinions!! If us mum's aren't being judged for having cesereans, we're in trouble for not breastfeeding, having an epidural/gas/pethadine etc, smacking our kid...

Wednesday 06 January 05:05pm

Jenni_B replied to topic Pain when moving

Hi there, It sounds like your ligaments to me!! And the pp is right - it doesn't get any better until the baby is out!!! I find getting up slowly helps, but not always! sometimes it's unavoidab...

Wednesday 06 January 04:59pm

Jenni_B replied to topic What the heck is going on?

Hi there, Is bub still relatively active? Like all the other ladies have said, it sounds like pre-labour (I've gone nuts reading pregnancy articles, books, pamphlets, google, anything I can get m...

Wednesday 06 January 04:55pm

Jenni_B replied to topic For those of you who have actually gone through a divorce....

Hi there, I knew for a long time that things weren't "right", even before our son was born in 2006. However I desperately wanted a child, so I pretended everything was ok and went about getting pr...

Wednesday 06 January 05:53am

Jenni_B replied to topic Clomid and gender

Hi, You might be onto something!! My family has been going through a bit of a baby boom over the last few years and out of 5 pregnant chicks, 2 of us (myself and my cousin's wife) were on clomid a...

Tuesday 05 January 03:33pm

Jenni_B replied to topic Has anyone ever been told sex at an early ultrasound?

We were told that we were "more than likely" having a girl at 12 weeks, and it was confirmed at 18 weeks, again at 28 weeks, then again at 34 weeks (I have gest. diabetes, so have to have lots of u...

Sunday 03 January 07:44am

Jenni_B replied to topic When did you

Hi there, With DS I got heaps of fluid and had to take my wedding rings off by about 16 weeks. This time I made it to 34 weeks before I had to take them off. Now the heat has made me swell up li...

Friday 01 January 06:24am

Jenni_B replied to topic Wii

We bought Band Hero for Wii yesterday (as the boxing, bowling, tennis, soccer etc. is out of the realm of possibility for me at the moment!!) and DH has been hogging the drums and guitar for the la...

Wednesday 30 December 03:28pm

Jenni_B replied to topic is it normal for a 2 year old

Oh, so frustratingly normal!! We watched the Wiggles "santa's Rocking" for three weeks straight ... IN JUNE!!!! And lately, all DS wants to watch is Postman Pat, over and over and over again. AA...

Monday 28 December 05:15pm

Jenni_B replied to topic "day care kids"

My son goes to daycare 5 days a week for a few hours a day as I work part time (4hrs per day) and he has certainly learned behaviour from the other children, but I believe it's behaviour he would h...

Thursday 24 December 01:26pm

Jenni_B replied to topic Ex Husbands

Hmmmm .. probably around the time I found out he was addicted to porn and sleeping with prostitutes on his business trips!!! However, I've always been extremely careful that DS doesn't know I hate...

Tuesday 22 December 12:29pm

Jenni_B replied to topic Antenatal record book, urine ?

Could be First Morning urine?? I'm not sure, best to check with your doctor. Let us know when you find out for sure!

Monday 21 December 01:29pm

Jenni_B replied to topic Dummies for Santa???

Hi there, we're trying the same thing this year! DS is 3 1/2 and only has the dummy at bedtime, but it's time for them to go!! He was quite happy to give them to Santa so Santa can give them to ...

Monday 21 December 07:19am

Jenni_B replied to topic HELP- Finding "us" again

Hi there, You might be at the stage where you need some counselling together? I've had marriage counselling and it was great - our day to day dealings with each other were resolved and we got alon...

Monday 21 December 07:13am

Jenni_B replied to topic Does it get better? Im so uncomfortable

I totally feel your pain! I have exactly the same complaints as you, and even have a few more to add to the mix, which you'll no doubt be able to relate to. leg cramps, getting up to go to the to...

Saturday 12 December 12:15pm

Jenni_B replied to topic When is a baby a toddler?

I totally understand .. my DS is 3 and a half and when I call him my baby, he tells me, very crossly, that he's not a baby anymore, he's a big boy!! I considered DS a toddler when he started "todd...

Thursday 03 December 06:14am
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