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Pronatali2003 replied to topic Your Safety Tips

Hello! Very good topic on the forum. I read a lot of comments and learned a lot about the new one. Yes, you are right, that the main thing is where children grow and learn, where they find comfort,...

Thursday 01 March 04:47am

Pronatali2003 replied to topic Pregnant? Scared? You have options!!!

Good afternoon, Roanna_Morton! I want to tell you many good words. You are doing a very good job. I want everyone to know about this and write in an open post. Adoption benefits everyone who affect...

Thursday 01 March 04:33am

Pronatali2003 replied to topic Home birth - Public Perception

Hello lady. My birth story is what it is. This is my own unique experience, and every woman will have her own. This should not be prescriptive. I just want to share my experience of expanding oppor...

Thursday 01 March 04:07am

Pronatali2003 replied to topic Pregnant and depressed

Hello Gasolinerainbow1983. Do you know how PTSD changes, progresses, worsens or improves during pregnancy, how stress PTSD affects pregnancy and an evolving child, and if you knew of any ways of be...

Wednesday 28 February 04:28am

Pronatali2003 replied to topic Infertility & Family problems

Hey. I'm very sad to read this message. It's very difficult for many people to understand what it's like to be infertility, because they did not go through it themselves. People real...

Wednesday 28 February 03:54am

Pronatali2003 replied to topic aggressive 19 month old

Hey. I had a similar situation. To me the psychologist has told or said that some degree of impacts and biting is quite normal for kids. This does not mean that you should ignore it, of course. Mak...

Wednesday 28 February 01:10am

Pronatali2003 replied to topic Probiotics

Good afternoon. Why no one has yet answered your question. Now this topic interests many. A lot of children eat a lot of plodo and have problems with digestion. Doctors and natural healers can reco...

Tuesday 27 February 06:27am

Pronatali2003 replied to topic Baby's temperature

Hey. I want to say how I know myself. If your child answers you and takes drinks, even if they are not in shape and do not eat, you do not need to worry. However, if your child is sleepy, does not ...

Tuesday 27 February 06:09am
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