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ren76 started new topic Kids activities for 21 month old

Hi, I am after some suggestions for activities for my 21 month old daughter. We play outdoors in the morning, such as the swings, sandpit, trampoline, bikes etc. I am after more activities that we...

Thursday 27 January 11:49pm

ren76 replied to topic what kind of food can feed my baby ?

I recommend taking your baby to your local GP. Some suggestions in regards to food is whatever your having, he should be having also. At about 12 months old they should be starting to have family m...

Wednesday 09 December 11:32am

ren76 replied to topic Need a idea on a routine for a 5 month old

Hi, This is my routine for my 7 month old which may help. 6.30-Bottle 8-8.30-breakfast 10.30-bottle 12pm-12.30pm-lunch 2.30-bottle 5pm-dinner 6.30pm-bottle Hope that helps Renee

Wednesday 09 December 11:29am

ren76 started new topic Feeding routine for almost 8 month old (PLEASE RESPOND)

Hi everyone, I am trying to put together a feeding routine for my almost 8 month old daughter and wanted to know what other peoples' were. At the moment her routine is 6.30/7-Bottle 8am- breakfast ...

Tuesday 08 December 05:11pm

ren76 started new topic feeding routine for 7 month old

Hi there, I just wanted to know what other peoples feeding routine was for their 7 month old so that I can get a rough idea. It's been 3 1/2 years since my eldest was on solids that I have forgotte...

Monday 02 November 04:25pm

ren76 started new topic Pram walks

Hi, Does anyone know of any pram walks in my area? I live in Greenbank Qld. Or would anyone be interested in starting one or joining one if I started one up?

Sunday 02 August 09:13am

ren76 started new topic baby toys for 14 week old

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone could suggest some good toys for my 14 week old baby girl. She has a play gym, rattles etc but seems to be bored with them. She doesn't mind being on her tumm...

Sunday 02 August 09:08am

ren76 started new topic baby names

Hi, We have a 3 year old named Sarah Jane and are due to have another baby girl in April. We really like the names Leah or Jayde. We thought of either having Leah Jayde Simpson or Jayde Simpson, bu...

Wednesday 18 February 02:34pm

ren76 started new topic Toilet training

Hi, My little girl is 21 months and is starting to become aware of doing wees and poos. When we are outside I always put her in undies or training pants so she get used to the feeling of being wet ...

Saturday 26 January 01:45pm

ren76 replied to topic toilet training

Thankyou for your comment, however we will have to agree to disagree on this. I find the terry towelling training pants to be fantastic. They may soak up more but she knows when she is wet and the ...

Saturday 06 October 04:50am

ren76 started new topic toilet training

Hi all, My DD is 17 months. I was going to start toilet training my DD as soon as she turned 2. She will be 2 in April. Should I try her before that as we will be approaching the cooler months then...

Friday 28 September 10:21am

ren76 started new topic bath toys

Hi, Does anyone know how to get the mould out of bath toys? Renee

Thursday 27 September 09:05am

ren76 replied to topic smoothies & yogurt

Hi, I was informed by a health professional that soy products should not be given to children under 2 years old.

Friday 07 September 05:13am

ren76 started new topic Fussy eater

Hi, My daughter is 16 months old & is a fussy eater. She used to be a great eater but has now decided she will eat only what she wants to eat. Fruit & veggies seem to be a struggle. The only fruit ...

Friday 31 August 11:42am

ren76 started new topic smoothies & yogurt

Hi everyone. My 16 month daughter has been diagnosed with ecsma. I was told by the doctor not to give her dairy especially yogurt. Is there type of yogurt that I could use in smoothies that won't m...

Friday 31 August 11:31am

ren76 replied to topic Lunchtime suggestions

Hi Nicola, Is the soup thick as I find some soups too waterey, that it's almost impossible to feed my DD? Renee

Thursday 02 August 10:37am

ren76 started new topic Lunchtime suggestions

Hi everyone, I was wondering if someone could give me some lunchtime suggestions for my 15 month old DD as I am running out of ideas. Usually she has a sandwich with Vegemite,cream cheese, avo or j...

Tuesday 31 July 04:59pm

ren76 started new topic spoon feeding

Hi all, My DD is 14 1/2 months. I just wanted to know when should I start trying to teach her to use a spoon? Should I let her do it herself or should I show her how to do it etc? Also when should ...

Sunday 01 July 09:28am

ren76 started new topic Indoor activities for 14 1/2 month old

Hi, I was just wanting to know if anyone could offer indoor activities I could do with my 14 1/2 month old daughter. Now that the weather is cold and windy it's getting a lot harder to be outside &...

Saturday 30 June 10:35am

ren76 started new topic Little Tikes Outdoor Playgyms

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone had a Little Tikes Playgym for outside that they would be willing to sell. Preferably to pickup from the Brisbane Southside area. Hope you can help.

Tuesday 24 April 11:05am
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