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Ezabel106 replied to topic how do u stay positive during ttc?

"TTC is no doubt have ever been the worst condition anyone could be in. The TTC says that I have lived are just unforgettable. Each time when you ended up on the negatives. Or MC. All such mak...

Sunday 29 July 02:43am

Ezabel106 replied to topic IVF

I would wish you all the luck and success near soon. You would do it for sure. This journey would be too tough for sure. All the possibilities and the ups and downs. All would get you to the gate o...

Saturday 21 July 02:22am

Ezabel106 replied to topic need to vent!!!

Well yes, all such forums have been so supportive at times when I was sick and tired of hearing all the good news and the happy family chanting. But the times when I get to have all the success new...

Tuesday 10 July 02:46am

Ezabel106 replied to topic Share you IVF Experience

Though I don't have any such experience over IVF and PCOS its just that I have been here for a long time and I kept on hearing the problems and their solutions. So yes PCOS and IVF have been s...

Friday 22 June 02:07am

Ezabel106 replied to topic PCOS And IVF

Emmaalise28 wrote: Hey. Hope you are doing fine. The success rate of PCOS and IVF are not so high. I have had an infertility issue due to cervix incompetence disease so I chose to go for them. They...

Tuesday 12 June 03:21am

Ezabel106 replied to topic Give your opinion

Hey! To the women's who got heart disease, even IVF is never considered to be preferable anymore. As no matter how many times you get to conceive. There is a fear of MC. Because you got the lo...

Sunday 10 June 03:25am

Ezabel106 replied to topic Miscarriage

Hey! I have just lost all my words to hear that. I know that's just so painful. MC has never been a good having thing. I just wish no one have that. You are strong. That would be painful and d...

Sunday 10 June 03:24am

Ezabel106 replied to topic PCOS And IVF

Hellere02 wrote: Hi there. Well PCOS and IVF do come along. I have heard this is the best solution for it. I have read many reviews for it. Though there is still chance that it might result in fail...

Sunday 10 June 03:23am

Ezabel106 replied to topic IVF

Hey! How are you doing? There is nothing much confusing. IVF is so common now. Almost every second infertile person is doing so. Hope you would also have your baby through this procedure. To start ...

Saturday 09 June 04:39am

Ezabel106 replied to topic PCOS And IVF

Hey! thank you so much for such detailed answer. I found it very informative. That's what I was questioning about. There are certain things that have to be considered. Like what are the circum...

Saturday 09 June 04:38am

Ezabel106 replied to topic share your experience using donor eggs

Sarahsth28 wrote: Koralily, I know the struggle is real. I have been TTC for nearly 9 years. The days passed into months then into years. the wait and hope-driven me. Infertility journey is terribl...

Friday 08 June 05:07am

Ezabel106 replied to topic TTC tips for older women

Monicagr1704 wrote: Hello everyone! I'm 47, married, 5 children. 3 conceived naturally, twins through ivf with donor eggs. We've been always dreaming about big family and finally we have ...

Friday 08 June 05:06am

Ezabel106 replied to topic First IVF Cycle... any tips?

What much I could advise. More than having a calm nerve. Because this is a damn emotional roller coaster. And you would probably feel sick and tired of the cycles and the procedure. Most women mak...

Friday 08 June 04:50am

Ezabel106 replied to topic IVF or surrogacy

Emmaalise28 wrote: Hello, IVF is an amazing methodology to go for. It's incredible that individuals are courageous to the point that they find different techniques to be moms. I want to share ...

Friday 08 June 04:49am

Ezabel106 replied to topic Surrogacy Experiences

How beautiful and thoughtful is that! So nice to hear this beautiful thing from you. What could be more awesome than to have a friend as a surrogate? The bond would reach a higher level. You would ...

Friday 08 June 04:48am

Ezabel106 started new topic PCOS And IVF

A question based on the discussions on the forum. Hoping to get the answers based on real-life experiences. So the question is every time I visit this forum I got to hear about IVF and PCOS. Though...

Thursday 07 June 04:10am

Ezabel106 replied to topic What to do now?

Eudorathompson89 wrote: Hello! Sorry to hear about your infertility. It is really a hard thing to face. but you need not worry about this. Now you have chosen a right way. After my 3 MCs, I also we...

Tuesday 05 June 04:13am

Ezabel106 replied to topic long ttc

TTC is never been easy for anyone. Its the worst stage anyone could have in life. It seems to be the long journey where you live with an empty soul and live your whole life with the jealousy lookin...

Sunday 03 June 03:55am

Ezabel106 replied to topic IVF first time pregnant January 2018 Baby

I think the same. That you might be little worried that's it. Though its good to be concerned over things. That might go wrong. You must have put up so many hopes on such things. And you just ...

Saturday 02 June 04:02am

Ezabel106 replied to topic surrogacy

That's so thoughtful of you. This is great that women do offer to be a surrogate to others. Happy to know that you women exist in this world. Not only you I have observed a number of posts whe...

Thursday 31 May 04:30am
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