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billie started new topic Screaming on the boob

help me if u can please... prob to far gone for that lol. My 4&1/2 month old has just decided that she is not happy at the boob any more. So far i have not had any trouble bf'ing. Great milk flow...

Saturday 21 January 09:28pm

billie replied to topic Flat head!!

So much pressure from sids to place your baby on there back to sleep. as a new mum who had nothing to do with little kids before we took fearful notice. now my baby had a fantastic habbit of sleepi...

Saturday 21 January 09:07pm

billie replied to topic Keeping baby cool over summer...

We bought a new spray bottle, fill it with cold water and on the fine mist setting sprayed her, she loves it. we started by getting her to watch us then warned her and then just went for it. lots o...

Saturday 21 January 08:56pm

billie replied to topic Bath time for 4 month bubs!!

Hi Lana, I also give my 4 1/2 month old a bath as her bedtime routine. on warmer nights i only fill the bath a couple of inches place a hand towel down (for comfort) and just let her kick and play ...

Saturday 21 January 08:17pm

billie replied to topic oh boy... we have a screamer...

Hi girls, my 17 week old little girl has been doing the screaming thing for a couple of weeks now, not to bad yet but i am scared. lol. I am also trying the no smile no sound no eye contact for a f...

Saturday 14 January 09:09pm

billie replied to topic Birth without drugs

Yes Yes Yes Check out HypnoBirthing

Friday 18 November 12:00am

billie replied to topic Raspberry leaf tea

My doula explained to me that it builds strength in the uterus muscles, so as they contract to the top, they also help push down... worked for me, but the power of the mind is a beautiful thing... ...

Thursday 17 November 11:58pm

billie started new topic HynoBirthing

All expecting or soon to be mothers check out HypnoBirthing, I had a 4 hour (first time) relaxed, calm, surrendering labour. My mother (of 4 children) was present and she says she had never seen an...

Thursday 17 November 11:54pm

billie replied to topic Breast Pumps?

I to have the avent hand held, at first i could only get 20 mls then 40 and now with bub on the other side 100 mls is no worries. i find the morning is best and if i cant have bub with me i put a ...

Wednesday 26 October 06:34am

billie replied to topic expressing?

thanks, i have two feeds frozen so far. having a little trouble working out when to express still as she loves to wake up every two hours. often feeling like i dont have enough. still working at it...

Tuesday 11 October 02:31pm

billie started new topic expressing?

Hello all, i just started expressing today and was suprised that my milk looks a little like skim milk that is seperating is this normal? and can anyone tell me how much i would need to feed my 5 w...

Saturday 08 October 03:12pm
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