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mark_beck64 replied to topic What to do about my family?

hi there cant help with the second issue but as far as family involvement goes - well - you (and your partner) just have to blunt and to the point - that you will decide if and when your family can...

Friday 21 October 05:29am

mark_beck64 replied to topic pregnant with twins, any tips?

My EDD is Jan 30th 2006. i wasnt put on bed rest and i didnt lose as much weight as you but i am 25 weeks pregnant with fraternal twins. we found out i was pregnant at week 5. I too have an awes...

Thursday 20 October 06:22am

mark_beck64 replied to topic Having my first baby..any advice/helpful hints for pregnancy

besides ginger ale i also tried dry biscuits something like Marie biscuits. the biscuits worked more for me than the ale!! Also when you can - try lying down and keep your head as still as possib...

Thursday 20 October 05:43am

mark_beck64 replied to topic ?Twins?

my brother and sister are twins. i am expecting twins and one dead give away looking back in hindsight was how tired i was - my partner would very often have to dragg me to bed at 8.30pm as i had f...

Thursday 20 October 05:31am

mark_beck64 replied to topic movement

i started to feel 'flutters' around 19 weeks but nothing you could say was a kick - i've felt a kick when my friends have been pregnant - and although you feel you dont know what you're looking for...

Friday 16 September 07:27am
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