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Shazi99 started new topic IVF

Hello there, hope you are doing good. Today I visited this forum and this is very helpful. I am so much nervous about my infertility issue. I know some of you are also trying like me. But IVF is a ...

Friday 17 August 03:37am

Shazi99 replied to topic baby food cubes

Dear, hope you are fine. It is interesting to hear your baby is grown up. wish him good health. May he could stand at his feet soon. Babies are so cute. We must be very careful while they are crawl...

Wednesday 08 August 05:02am

Shazi99 replied to topic January 2019 babies

Hi Honey, Hope you are doing good. Thanks for sharing your story with us. Ahaan! Congratulations. I am happy to read your story. I'm so excited about your baby. Good Luck. GOD Blessed you.

Tuesday 12 June 05:28am

Shazi99 replied to topic Fussy at the breast

Hi Sweety, Hope you are doing great. Well, I want to share my experience. My sister also faces this issue. Her baby was also at high weight and she knows it just due to his health. Actually, We thi...

Wednesday 30 May 04:49am

Shazi99 started new topic Hope for positive

Hi Gyz. I am hopefully pregnant. Now I am just little bit anxiety due to my last miscarriage. So I hope so this time will be successfully positive. I am waiting for my positive reports. Suggested m...

Sunday 27 May 02:59am

Shazi99 replied to topic Who did you have in the delivery room with you?

Hi Dear, Thanks for reminding precious time. Well, My partner is ready with me. Everything is just with my partner and family support. I was so much worried when I heard about me and my partner inf...

Sunday 27 May 02:56am

Shazi99 started new topic IVF

Hi Gyz, Hope you are doing great. I am going through IVF. Last 2years I was pregnant. But after 12weeks I got a miscarriage. I have tried a lot for natural pregnancy. Then I started with IVF. But I...

Saturday 26 May 04:55am

Shazi99 replied to topic My Story

Hi Honey, Good to hear about you are gonna marry soon. Well, Wish you good luck and advance congratulations. Yeah! as you told your age is 43 years. Don't worry about surrogacy. You are still...

Friday 25 May 02:54am

Shazi99 replied to topic Surrogacy or IVF

Hi Dear, Hope you are doing good today. Very sad to hear about your MC again and again. But I recommend you to do the proper check up and find out the reason for the miscarriage. Mostly miscarriage...

Friday 25 May 02:53am

Shazi99 replied to topic IVF failed

Hi sweety, So sad for your IVF failed. But one thing I must share with you. Failer is the step to success. So Hope well for you. Good luck. Prayers. ????

Thursday 24 May 02:20am
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