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Snow81458 replied to topic What to do now?

hi dear!!!! i can understand the pain. but stay strong. And for the surrogacy. surrogacy, really a great of hope to the infertile. when they find no way to get rid of infertility. it is really a g...

Tuesday 12 June 05:01am

Snow81458 replied to topic Friend

Hey there!!! I just read your thread and I came to know about your friend's story. Ask your friend that there is nothing to worry about. medical science has made much progress in this regard. ...

Saturday 02 June 04:15am

Snow81458 replied to topic TTC tips for older women

Hey ther!!! such a hard time you are facing. I can understand the problem you are going through. You are a strong lady no doubt. This journey is such a hectic one.IVF has a great success rate. But ...

Saturday 26 May 04:30am

Snow81458 replied to topic Due November 2018

Hey Emmy… I am really excited for you dear. It's time for celebration. Congratulations to you. May, your journey go with safe and sound. Looking forward to your next report. May you have a hea...

Tuesday 22 May 02:59am

Snow81458 replied to topic Miscarriage - when to try again

Hey there!!! I am so sorry for your loss. mc is not your fault. you should not be disheart on this. Just be strong.. there is the right time of every happening. I think this is not your right time...

Sunday 20 May 03:16am

Snow81458 replied to topic Pain before IVF

"Hey there! Positive wishes for your journey of TTC. stay calm and confident everything is going to be alright. There are so many things that seem to be going wrong but actually is not. I am s...

Friday 18 May 03:32am

Snow81458 replied to topic Hopeless

"Hey! such a strong lady you are. This feels really encouraged to interact with women like you. you make us believe that there are so many Hopes left in this infertility world. Though I am n...

Tuesday 24 April 04:10am

Snow81458 replied to topic Need Help

Hi, it really feels me sad reading your thread. Don’t feel like this. This is none of your fault. It is the problem of every 1 woman from 6. The problem is spreading widely nowadays. This is also c...

Saturday 21 April 03:03am

Snow81458 replied to topic Experiences

hey there. this is the really amazing platform. where people share their stories of every type. the people get success to start their families, become the motivation for others. and the people suff...

Thursday 19 April 02:41am

Snow81458 replied to topic When were your first babies born?

aww!!! so lovely the post is. I just fell in love with your question. this is the really cute question. this shows a very great concern to start a family soon. And this is the very nice thing to ha...

Wednesday 18 April 03:36am

Snow81458 replied to topic TTC round #1 IVF.....starting end of July 2015....anyone in the same boat????

hey, how are you going? I am really sad for you. I can imagine the pain you are going through. my cousin went for this. although it is a painful and time taking process. but it is really a way to h...

Tuesday 17 April 02:15am
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