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LFC replied to topic Please help!! I don't know what to do!!

My tott is 3 in a couple of days. I tried starting potty training at an early age but she wasn't interested. It is about 10 mths now of trying again....i have tried every avenue and had advise from...

Tuesday 15 July 06:01pm

LFC replied to topic playgroup Toowoomba

Hi, i have just moved to Toowoomba and was wondering if anyone could recommend a play group for an 18mth old. I know there are a few out there on the internet but i don't know which one to go too. ...

Saturday 20 January 08:41am

LFC started new topic Moved:playgroup Toowoomba

This post has been moved to another forum.

Saturday 20 January 08:41am

LFC replied to topic Opinions on Leap Pads

I am in the same two minds as you about the Leap pads. It is a gamble and my 16mth old girl tends to throw things around abit. I have just had a look on ebay tonight at them, and some of the baby L...

Wednesday 29 November 09:33pm

LFC replied to topic daily routines with toddler

Hmmm. This sounds terrible. But we don't have much of a routine. Except morning and night. Yes my 14mth eats breaky and watches abc tv for 20mins tops in the morning but then the rest of the day i...

Sunday 01 October 11:02am

LFC replied to topic phil and ted buggy

I have a p & t buggy. I had to buy it brand new because i couldn't find any newer models for sale. I have the toddler seat but i haven't used it yet. My friend has been useing hers for her two kids...

Monday 17 April 04:23pm

LFC started new topic What age for bike toddler seats.

What age can i put my bub in a bike toddler seat, And how small do the helmets come?? My bub is 9 months.

Monday 17 April 04:15pm

LFC replied to topic tupperware

I just thought this was amusing. My husband thinks that Tupperware breeds in the dark because he recons everytime he opens the cupboard door theres more tupperware in there:)

Wednesday 23 November 11:17am

LFC replied to topic Australian Idol

I couldn't make my mind up. I love Kates personality- she is my kind of chick.....but I think Emily really shines and comes out of her shell when she sings. I'm pretty sure Kate won it because of h...

Wednesday 23 November 11:06am

LFC replied to topic giving credit to stay at home mums/dads

I have to admit, It is really hard for me to live off my husband and not bring in an income....makes me feel guilty. Especially buying anything for myself. I know that he has the easier end of the ...

Wednesday 23 November 11:01am

LFC replied to topic ear piercing???

I think i will wait for her to ask me and really want it and then she can learn responsibility in taking care of them. That's what mum did with me. For me it's had enough having her vaccs done othe...

Wednesday 23 November 10:32am

LFC started new topic When to stop steralizing

I have recently purchased a easyflow babies cup for my bub to play with and practice holding(she is only 4months). I was thinking about putting some cooled boiled water in it for her to have a go a...

Wednesday 23 November 10:24am

LFC started new topic Brown mark on belly

Does anyone know if the brown line down my belly go away? It isn't worring me that much but i was just curious to see peoples experiences.

Wednesday 23 November 09:50am

LFC replied to topic please help.....

I am not one for being a sales person(in fact i hate the idea), but i have joined the Avon clan. Mainly so i have a reason that i have to go walking otherwise i would pay it off and be lazy (and i ...

Wednesday 23 November 09:24am

LFC replied to topic Navy Wives, Hardest Job in the Service!!!!!

My Husband is a pilot in the army and I totally understand where your coming from. Although i doubt he would be away anywhere near as much as someone in the Navy. Poor girl. All i can say is make s...

Wednesday 23 November 08:33am

LFC started new topic How different are Premmy bubs????

Emma is 4mths now but was 6weeks premmy and is a very healthy bub. I have asked different doctors if my bub is development wise the same as a normal bub who is the same age. But the doctors contrad...

Wednesday 23 November 08:23am
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