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Nikki_F started new topic how do i start????

hi! My son is just three and showing signs of being ready to TT. Any advice on how start? Should I just leave him nude and sit him on the potty every few hrs? Run around being a wee-catcher????! ...

Thursday 12 March 09:17am

Nikki_F started new topic 5 months and all over the place!

My 5 month old is wickedly unpredictable with his day time sleeps - it could one big sleep over the middle of the day or three short catnaps. He settles fine in his cot, with a bit of rocking, and ...

Friday 28 March 01:14pm

Nikki_F replied to topic talking to herself

Hey, Babies can't physically keep themselves awake that young, so if she's not crying I'd just leave her to her chattering! Oh, and you should tape it- it'll be a very precious recording in years t...

Friday 22 February 12:24pm

Nikki_F replied to topic Tips for being organised when bub no. 2 arrives

My pearls of wisdom from one neat freak to another....(!)with two boys 20 months apart: Organise yourself so things you need for no.2 are all within easy reach, for example, if all your bedrooms ar...

Thursday 07 February 07:06pm

Nikki_F replied to topic anyone have insomnia

Hello, I have similar problems on and off looking after my two boys - nearly two and 3 months. When I get over tired I just can't switch off, and the less I sleep the more I lie there thinking ab...

Thursday 07 February 06:55pm

Nikki_F started new topic how often

Hi, Just to reassure you, your baby's feeing patern sounds about right for 2 weeks old, especially if she was premmie. Her tummy will be so small she does well to go three hours! Don't worry abo...

Saturday 26 January 12:19pm

Nikki_F started new topic holiday destinations

Can any one recommend a good holiday location in nsw for my family? My boys are 22months and 2 months, and we're looking for somewhere relaxing but with stuff to do and with good family accomodatio...

Friday 28 December 06:46pm

Nikki_F started new topic where to holiday with little ones??

Can anyone recommend a good holiday destination for our family? At the moment my boys are 22months and 2 months, and we want to plan a holiday for some time next year. We live on the midnorth nsw...

Friday 28 December 06:43pm

Nikki_F replied to topic Port Mummies

Hey Suzanne, I go to a great playgroup run through the Salvation Army. Its off during the school holidays, but is usually on Mondays and Fridays at 9.30am. I've met a few of the Port mus, we don'...

Friday 21 December 06:00pm

Nikki_F replied to topic Sleepin advice

At 9 days, she's the boss! Just do what makes you all happy.

Friday 21 December 05:53pm

Nikki_F replied to topic Dream Feeds

Oh, I meant to say also, 4 hourly feeds during the day may be too infrequent for your DS over the 24 hr period, so thats why he needs more at night. I don't know the Tizzie Hall routine, but could...

Friday 21 December 05:51pm

Nikki_F replied to topic Dream Feeds

Dream feed definitely didn't work for my DS1, and I wouldn't hurry to try them again with DS2. I would wake them to feed but not matter what he'd be too tired and still wake at his normal times. ...

Friday 21 December 05:45pm

Nikki_F replied to topic Help with night waking

Thats a classic age for waking for attention - my DS1 started waking at night again at that age too. DH and I together got up for him (I was pregnant at the time), but we soon realised that we nee...

Friday 21 December 05:41pm

Nikki_F replied to topic Sleeping Through?

'Sleeping through' is rather a relative term too - some people define it as 7pm to 7am, some as 10pm to 5am! My first DS, at 3 months, started sleeping from 6.30pm to 3am, then on to 6am, so I was...

Friday 21 December 05:33pm

Nikki_F replied to topic 7 week old breastfeeding 2hourly. Help!

My baby book reminds me that between 6-8 weeks old many babies have a very demanding peroid, possibly due to the huge developmental jumps they make in that time. My DS is feeding every 2-4 hrs at ...

Monday 17 December 06:34pm

Nikki_F replied to topic Is he sleeping to much??

Six days old! Just enjoy the peace! Don't stress on awake time for at least three weeks!!!! Seriously, my DS didn't 'wake up' as it were til at least 20 days old, totally normal. Beautiful pic...

Monday 17 December 06:25pm

Nikki_F replied to topic caesareans - excerpt and link to info on the inter

This might be interetsing reading for you, but its not really very helpful for most of us. For every "factual" article there will be another stating the opposite. Better to be supportive than con...

Monday 17 December 06:13pm

Nikki_F replied to topic weight watchers help!!!

Cynthia - Thank you for that info, just what I needed! I've done WW before, based on 20 points a day. 32 sounds like heaps, did you find you were ever hungry?!

Thursday 13 December 06:11pm

Nikki_F replied to topic Normal?

Are you breast feeding? If you are, you may find your supply lessens if you give less than 6 feeds per 24 hours. But enjoy the sleep!!

Thursday 13 December 06:05pm

Nikki_F replied to topic awake time

My DS is 6 weeks and can manage between 45 and 90 mins at a time, including a feed, before he gets tired. Although, on Sunday he went for 6 hours.... i think he was testing himself, and me!

Thursday 13 December 05:58pm
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