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lissie replied to topic HELP... I HAVE A CLIMBER !!!!

You need to just persevere and watch like a hawk>>>my first son now 12 was a climber and had a few little falls along the way including a fractured shoulder at 17 months!!!!!! he never qui...

Sunday 06 September 04:31pm

lissie started new topic was TT but now is constantly pooing in her clothes pants arghhhhhhhhhhhhh

My daughter was stubborn to say the least with toilet training and took forever out of i will do when im ready attitude>>>she is 3.5 now and has been fully tt now for 6 months!!!! This wee...

Sunday 06 September 04:23pm

lissie replied to topic Fish Oil tablets for kids

iven been using that brand now for 2 yrs for my older boys and the preschool one for my DD and it has helped concentration beahviour and they havnt been as sick as much as the yrs before..........a...

Wednesday 01 April 03:03pm

lissie replied to topic Routines for different ages

sorry double post [Edited on 05/03/2009]

Friday 06 March 08:26pm

lissie replied to topic Routines for different ages

It can be tough! but as kids get older you can get them all in a great routine...i had dacare kids and mine and they ate what was supplied by their parents at lunch time etc and as kids had been ar...

Friday 06 March 08:25pm

lissie replied to topic Any other Mums who keep changing their minds about wanting another baby?

Posted by: alisa2211 I always wanted to have a 3rd child too. I think it is a special dynamic of a family with more than 2 kids. I have a 3 year old girl and a 15 months old son. My son is an extre...

Friday 06 March 07:08pm

lissie replied to topic Dads showering with little girls

my daughter used to shower with her dad all the time now at 3 she still sometimes just strips of and jumps in.....i guess by the time shes 4?? we will explain to her no more but they will only make...

Friday 06 March 03:44pm

lissie replied to topic household chores

I do all inside he does all outside but helps out on weekends with kids and chores and does all when sick....god I love him! <3

Thursday 05 March 12:05pm

lissie replied to topic I need a quick answer

Whenever any of my 3 kids jhave been like that I literally hide whatever medicine prescribed or other in juice yoghurts milkshakes whatever it is they will eat/drink so they get something and its a...

Wednesday 04 March 04:56pm

lissie replied to topic rash around mouth

my daughter had one for a few months around age two and the dr said it was quit normal and that using creams and so on would irritate it more and that it would go on its own and it did :)after abou...

Wednesday 04 March 04:39pm

lissie replied to topic Obsessed - 3yo not yet TT,and doing my head in

Same issue my 2 boys trained easy and both were done by 2 and 2.5yrs respectivly night and day! were a breeze My DD I started when she was 2 we started off well then after a few ilnesses in the fam...

Wednesday 04 March 04:15pm

lissie replied to topic All those expecting #4 in 2009?

getting close cathy!

Wednesday 04 March 11:58am

lissie replied to topic Stay at home mums

No, right from the start hubby does the outside stuff and he works full time! and my work is the inside......I do all the dinners lunches etc etc and on weekends when DH home he often helps with th...

Wednesday 04 March 10:31am

lissie replied to topic Me and my sister in law had babys 2 weeks apart . there always comparing the two.

I had this nearly 12 yrs ago when my son was born he was the last of four grandsons born in 6 months! there were always comparisons and always jealously and favourtism......and we hated it then 3 y...

Thursday 19 February 12:20pm

lissie replied to topic DD's in pain

Yes sounds like an infection poor little thing....My DD since TT has had a lot of these problems and now she has a orange juice and cranberry juice every morning and so far so good Dr will sort i...

Monday 28 July 11:33am

lissie replied to topic Baby Monitors

Yes i decided on the angel care sound and movement for my daughter but due to needing the added comfort after a friends sids death.... I used mine all the time and got a-lot of use out of it and ca...

Monday 28 July 11:10am

lissie replied to topic Baby Swings

I had the fisher price fish cradle swing...can swing in 2 different directions! I loved this as it kept her entertained and soothed on those days that they cry for no reason! And holding them doesn...

Monday 28 July 11:01am

lissie replied to topic 2nd birthday party ideas

My daughters 1st bday was a fantasy theme and kids came dresses as fairires princesses character etc was so much fun

Saturday 26 July 06:54pm

lissie replied to topic Rash around mouth...

My daughter got his about 5 months ago she was just 2 and dr said it was a dermatitis which is normal for kids around this age is usually triggered by the cold and wind which drys out skin and will...

Saturday 26 July 06:27pm

lissie replied to topic has anyone elses toddler swallowed anything?

DOnt feel bad! my son at 2.5 yrs after watching his dad and mates after a few drinks throwing m & ms into the air and catching in their mouths thought he would try with the 10 cents piece he found!...

Saturday 26 July 06:14pm
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