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ManoPS replied to topic baby shampoo

I'm pregnant and still waiting for my baby but I saw a lot of useful tips from my older sister and on the internet. I was reading a lot about best baby products such as food, pacifiers, oils a...

Tuesday 15 May 07:52pm

ManoPS replied to topic Your Dental Care Tips

I still don't have a baby but I saw some very good tips from my older sister. She was always using a toothbrush of very bright colors that is interesting for baby. Toothbrush has a soft brush ...

Tuesday 15 May 07:47pm

ManoPS started new topic I'm looking for baby names

After a few months it looks like I'm finally pregnant! It's too early to get to know it is baby boy or girl so I'm looking for both girl and boy's names. Can anyone help me with...

Tuesday 15 May 07:42pm

ManoPS replied to topic Baby lotion and oil

Did you tried Burt's Bees Baby Lotion? I heard that it's great and it's natural. I'm still trying to get pregnant but I was reading a lot about baby's products and never fo...

Tuesday 15 May 07:38pm

ManoPS replied to topic Cutting babies nails

When I was a baby my mom trim my nails while I was asleep so that's probably very good way to do this.

Tuesday 15 May 07:30pm

ManoPS replied to topic Night nanny or nurse

Why don't you try some website where you can look for nurse or nanny?

Tuesday 15 May 07:28pm

ManoPS replied to topic Surrogacy or adoption. What are your opinions?

I think how both ways are great. I can't understand why are people so mean when it comes to this surrogacy. It's great thing to be mother and no one comment shouldn't change your min...

Tuesday 15 May 07:24pm
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