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kazzaw4 replied to topic Following on from the washing/folding thread...

yes I iron nearly everything, I do it once a week mostly on a sunday arvo in front of the TV

Tuesday 25 August 12:13pm

kazzaw4 replied to topic ALLERGY SUPPORT GROUPS for Mum's and Dad's.

Hi Tara Sounds great, its good to talk to other people that know what you are going through DS (3) is allergic to egg and dairy. Mind you lately anything sets him off. Karen

Tuesday 07 July 04:38pm

kazzaw4 replied to topic Food bill

We spend $200 per week but I try to keep it down to $160 if I can and thats everything for me ,DP and four kids. I bake all our goodies as I have one with allergies

Friday 10 April 01:13pm

kazzaw4 started new topic Florist in the N/E suburbs

I am getting married in September and am wondering if anyone can reccomend a good florist and reasonable price too around the N/E suburbs thanks Karen

Sunday 15 March 05:08pm

kazzaw4 replied to topic Any older mums in Northern area?

Sounds good to me, we should make it on a Friday morning talk soon

Monday 02 February 03:14pm

kazzaw4 replied to topic Any older mums in Northern area?

Hi I'm Karen and am 41 so might be a bit old lol. I have four children Ricky 14, Morgan 12, Luca 4 and Liam 2 1/2. We live at Wynn Vale always up for coffee and chat and let the kids play, just ask...

Sunday 01 February 09:21pm

kazzaw4 replied to topic Obstetrician in the Adelaide Area

I had Dr Ian Jones for my last two children and I found him to be excellent I would have him again. I use to see him at North Eastern Community Hospital as thats where I had my boys but he goes all...

Sunday 01 February 09:16pm

kazzaw4 replied to topic Chiropractor in Northern suburbs for infants and children

We go to the one at Mawson Lakes Craig Pointon he is excellent, my youngest was getting ear infections all the time, not sleeping he has helped so much

Sunday 01 February 09:12pm

kazzaw4 replied to topic North Eastern Huggies Mummies

Hi I'm Karen and I live in Wynn Vale. I have four children DS14, DD12, DS4 and DS2 1/2. Like Dee said there are quite a few lovely mums up this way

Thursday 08 January 02:02pm

kazzaw4 replied to topic no more kids for us

Hi there yes I know how you feel. I have four wonderful children but I would dearly love to have another but hubby said no. I had my tubes tied to help with a medical problem but didnt help. Everyd...

Saturday 23 August 06:07am

kazzaw4 replied to topic Sleep Dr's in Adelaide

Yes I have heard of her. Have heard she is good I phoned up but couldnt get in until the end of August. Not much help sorry but will be interested to see how she works.

Wednesday 23 July 09:03am

kazzaw4 replied to topic Activities for a 2 year old

My son will be two and his brother is turning four so I am doing a joint party at the kids cafe, where as I would normally do it at home , I google for most things get some great ideas.

Monday 07 July 04:25am

kazzaw4 replied to topic Ears pierced??

I dont see the problem with it, if you are happy then do it. I had my ears pierced done at 3months but that was 41 years ago, my dd had hers done at 11months and I had no regret.

Wednesday 02 July 05:15am

kazzaw4 replied to topic when is old enough to go to movies with a bunch of friends but no adult

I do let my dd go to the movies with her friends, she is 11 going on 12. I drop her off and wait for her to go into the movies then I go do some shopping then come back to pick her up, she also has...

Thursday 26 June 05:44pm

kazzaw4 replied to topic I've found something that forces me to get out and walk

Hi, I am doing the same need to get of the house and get a bit fitter and this way I am earning a little bit of money.

Monday 16 June 05:08am

kazzaw4 started new topic We have set a date

We have finally set a date November the 7th 2009. This should give us some time to save some money, seeing as we are in our bigger house and have finish our family so now its time to plan our weddi...

Wednesday 11 June 03:46am

kazzaw4 replied to topic PLAY GROUP- Modbury, Wynn Vale Golden Grove

Hi if you find one please post cheers Karen

Monday 26 May 05:03am

kazzaw4 replied to topic daughter wants to start shaving legs

My daughter is 11 coming up 12 this year . She has only just started using veet cream as she was being teased at school, she has dark hair and all her friends are fair. I dont want her to start sha...

Thursday 22 May 05:30am

kazzaw4 replied to topic How much are.....

We pay $500 per week, we upgraded 2 years ago paid $330,000 with lots to do but getting there slowly we are in Adelaide

Wednesday 21 May 09:43am

kazzaw4 replied to topic Meet Up

Hi Dee, I would of come but Fridays no good for me as the boys have childcare in the afternoon. Maybe next. Also must catch up so boys can have a play Karen

Monday 05 May 09:19am
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