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Bettycooper replied to topic Trouble bonding during pregnacy

It can be the mood swings. Nothing to worry about. I really hope my surrogate does not feel the same. I would not want her to get tired of the baby. I am in touch with two clinics at the moment. Lo...

Sunday 26 August 11:10pm

Bettycooper replied to topic Need Help

Please don't blame yourself. This is not your fault. I would recommend you to contact a clinic. Please just don't email Lotus. They haven't replied to me yet. So chances are they won...

Saturday 25 August 08:34pm

Bettycooper replied to topic pregnancy test is negative

I am so sorry my love. I feel terrible reading this. Maybe it happened due to stress? Almost similar happened to a friend. First her two cycles failed at Lotus clinic. It was the doctor's faul...

Sunday 19 August 12:12am

Bettycooper replied to topic Surrogacy or IVF

Honey, IVF won't work for you. It is for those who are infertile. You are fertile. You do conceive a baby. Your body is unable to carry it. It cannot nourish it. So in my opinion Surrogacy is ...

Wednesday 08 August 08:08pm

Bettycooper replied to topic story of my sisters she need your sincere adives plzz .. On IVF im writting on behalf on her

You did one thing right. You mentioned all the history here. If there is any doctor available here. He or she might be able to help you out. For now, I would say just give this one the last shot. I...

Friday 06 July 02:40am

Bettycooper replied to topic SCH and worries of miscarriage

I am sorry you are stuck in this situation. I have never been in the same situation. Though I am here as a support. I just pray your issue gets resolved. May the other twin remains healthy. I will ...

Wednesday 04 July 03:07am

Bettycooper replied to topic Dealing with infertility.

I am always straightforward with people. I mean yes, IVF is great. It is a blessing. It helps you get a baby. That too using your own womb. Though it is not a fairy tale. It is a very painful proce...

Friday 29 June 03:02am

Bettycooper replied to topic 3 failed ivf, next step??

These treatments can cost you an arm and a leg. You gotta find a cheaper clinic. It can really elevate your journey. Look up for IVF clinics in Europe. Just don't contact Adonis. They are agai...

Friday 29 June 03:00am

Bettycooper replied to topic before we investigated IVF.I wish I'd realized that it discusses it.

Honey, I can understand the situation. I know it must have been really difficult. IVF is very painful. I had a needle phobia. I dreaded the time. It was very painful. Though I went through the pain...

Thursday 28 June 02:45am

Bettycooper replied to topic Possible surprise pregnancy?

The symptoms are that of pregnancy. I guess you ovulated late. Maybe that is why the test is not picking it up. Keep testing daily for a week. Also get one blood test report done too. It will all b...

Friday 22 June 02:46am

Bettycooper replied to topic My Infertility story.

I can understand you are stressed out. You are so sweet. You want your husband to be fine. You really love him. I am sure you can give him a baby. You can definitely go with surgery. I am sure thin...

Friday 22 June 02:44am

Bettycooper replied to topic PCOS And IVF

It is their own choice. I mean PCOS and IVF do work great together. Again it depends on the body too. If your body accepts IVF. Then it is great to go with it. Otherwise, IVF might not even work fo...

Thursday 21 June 04:22am

Bettycooper started new topic TTC Anxiety Struggles

I know it can be hard. You feel jealous about other people's pregnancy. Then you feel guilty about it as well. You can try doing Yoga. It helps to keep the nerves calm. Try out different modes...

Saturday 16 June 02:21am

Bettycooper replied to topic coping with infertility

Thanking for thinking something like this. It was much needed. infertility has become very common indeed. It is like every other woman is facing it. Though I am happy for one thing. If there is a p...

Wednesday 13 June 04:16am

Bettycooper replied to topic Miscarriage

This is sad. It is very heartbreaking. It upsets me everytime I read a miscarriage story. I am forced to remember mine. Honey, it was not your fault. You did all you could. To save the baby. The ba...

Tuesday 12 June 03:57am

Bettycooper replied to topic 4 C-Section & IVF

I dont think it would have an issue. Though a more clear window can be seen with the help of professional help. Get your tests done. If your body is healthy. I dont see an issue going for IVF. I wi...

Sunday 10 June 03:41am

Bettycooper replied to topic Surrogacy in NSW AUSTRALIA

This is very considerate of you. I mean very few people think like that. Best of luck with the delivery. I hope there is no complication. May you fulfill what you have planned for yourself. I dont ...

Thursday 07 June 04:35am

Bettycooper replied to topic Need Help

You guys are still very young. I dont see a problem with the age. It is secondary infertility though. It happens. Did you have a complicated labor? When your girl was born? Maybe it messed with you...

Thursday 07 June 04:30am

Bettycooper replied to topic Miscarriage and problems after

It takes a lot of time. MC is never easy to handle. Your body is exhausted. You face a lot of blood loss. You are grieving over the loss. It is never easy. My wishes and prayers are with you. I hop...

Wednesday 06 June 03:54am

Bettycooper replied to topic My Success Story

This is indeed motivation. I am glad you shared this with us here. People need stories like these. To give them hope. Tell me something though. Where did you go for it? I mean where is the clinic? ...

Wednesday 06 June 03:52am
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