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safina01 replied to topic PCOS And IVF

Hey there, Hope you are doing well. Thank you for raising such an interesting topic. It will be very informative for many people. As far as my knowledge is concerned. I know a little about PCOS. PC...

Tuesday 12 June 01:17am

safina01 replied to topic Miscarriage

Hi, Hope you are doing better now. I am really sorry to hear to hear about you. It's really a tough time of yours. It was Like you are near the destination and you woke up. Every woman wants t...

Friday 08 June 01:40am

safina01 replied to topic Surrogacy or IVF

Hi Gorgeous, Hope You are doing well. I am sorry to hear about you. Do not lose hope. Be brave my friend. I suggest You go for surrogacy. As You have many miscarriages, I think IVF does not suit yo...

Tuesday 05 June 04:06am

safina01 replied to topic My Story

Hi there, How do you do? I am sorry about your MC. And congratulations for your marriage. A woman should become brave when she has there kind of issues. I am in the same situation. I am facing inf...

Saturday 02 June 11:17pm
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