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yundiite replied to topic Is my Baby Slow??????

hi there, I have the same things with my daughter.she is 5 months old last Monday but still isn't crawling. I would not worry about that, and my friends said that she lil bit advance in different t...

Saturday 01 April 12:42pm

yundiite replied to topic Mr Grizly bum

Hi there, I think I have the same problem. My lil girl she is just turn 12 weeks and we had the same problem since she turn 6 weeks. She would not have long sleep during the day just like before. I...

Saturday 21 January 12:27pm

yundiite replied to topic Baby hates cot and moves about uncontrollably.

Hi, i am a mum to 7 weeks old baby girl, I have slightly same problem here. I tried to put her in the crib but seems she doesnt like it. and she will have a good sleep in the pram or capsule. Since...

Saturday 17 December 07:03am
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