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3_miracles started new topic bar codes

Ok so I have way too many bar codes for nappies, wipes etc....just in my top drawer in the study, but I haven't come on to the Huggies website for months and months! I didn't know where else to put...

Saturday 11 August 07:24pm

3_miracles replied to topic St Johns wort

I'm using it at the moment and have been for months, possibly about 8 months now. For me, it takes the edge off, if you know what I mean It means I stay calmer and have more patience, and don't fe...

Thursday 27 October 11:35am

3_miracles replied to topic Low Blood Pressure

I had exactly the same thing with my 3rd pregnancy, and DD2 is now 2 years old and my blood pressure is still low. Prior to that pregnancy, normal for me was 120/80. Now it is more like 100/60 or s...

Monday 24 October 10:48am

3_miracles replied to topic stretch marks

I got heaps around my boobs with DD1, carried her to 39 weeks and she was little at 3.02kg. Got quite a few, at about 36 weeks with DS, he was alot bigger at 4.12kg. They started out looking a bit ...

Tuesday 18 October 01:54am

3_miracles replied to topic When to stop bottles? & Give Cows Milk

I switched all of mine at their 1st birthdays, it was a gradual process that took a few weeks so by 13-14 months they were all off the boob and on cows milk in a sippy cup You can keep giving them...

Monday 03 October 12:10pm

3_miracles replied to topic More Long Term TTC Hope

I just wanted to write and tell you, I completely understand where you are t DH and I were TTC for 3.5 years before I got my first BFP through using clomid and IUI. I can tell you, it took me abou...

Monday 03 October 12:06pm

3_miracles replied to topic how many teeth should a two year old have ??

There should be 2 molars, the first probably came through 6-12 months ago and the second molars, commonly known as the 2 year molars come last. They normally come around the 2 year mark My DD2 has...

Saturday 01 October 11:43pm

3_miracles replied to topic any vet type people around?

Yep I totally agree with the chicken thing, definitely a great thing for any tummy upsets in dogs. No harm is frying it in some olive oil, obviously no bones though

Saturday 01 October 11:38pm

3_miracles replied to topic HELP!!

My DD, about the same age, was the same. She totally refused a bottle of any sort, so as soon as solids started I gave her the formula mixed with her rice cereal and mashed with avocado banana etc....

Friday 30 September 12:48am

3_miracles replied to topic feeling cheated

I felt cheated with my first, because I was induced and didn't get to go into labour spontaneously, but at least she was a vaginal birth. Then with my second, I went into labour spontaneously, but ...

Friday 30 September 12:44am

3_miracles replied to topic Vaginal Delivery vs C-Section?

I had a vaginal birth in 2006 followed by an emergency c section in 2008, then another vaginal birth in 2009, and I definitely preferred the vbac. The rules for me were that I was not allowed to be...

Friday 23 September 05:29am

3_miracles replied to topic Anxiety

I've been told that I had PND, or depression and anxiety in general seeing as it has been almost 2 years since my last bub was born, but I can't take any anti depressant medications as they all dis...

Saturday 27 August 08:02am

3_miracles replied to topic Perth Couple looking for an egg donor angel...can you help us?

Have you got someone yet?

Friday 26 August 01:12am

3_miracles replied to topic How many hubby's/partner

Unfortunately in my house it wasn't like that, it was always me trying to convince hubby that one more was a good idea. I just wanted to say that just because you had a c section last time doesn't...

Wednesday 24 August 11:26pm

3_miracles replied to topic what do you and your toddler do each day?

Mondays we usually stay at home for housework so my 3 year old and 20 month old will play with play dough or the train set or toys, or watch TV, or draw. Tuesday is playgroup in the morning and mor...

Thursday 30 June 07:57am

3_miracles replied to topic Please help - Research into returning to work

How did you get it to work? I'm getting the blank screen too.

Thursday 16 June 08:34am

3_miracles replied to topic Due any day now and we can't decide

I prefer Levi Alexander, I hope you don't mind me saying Try asking for guidance before you go to sleep at night, by morning you just may have an answer

Thursday 16 June 08:32am

3_miracles replied to topic Moving to Perth from NZ

I live not so far away from Edgewater. I'm in Kingsley which is about two suburbs south of where you will be. I go to a playgroup on Tuesday mornings and the mums are really nice, I think they are ...

Thursday 16 June 08:26am

3_miracles replied to topic DS wont poo on toilet! Why?

I read somewhere it is scary for them to sit on the loo and do a poo because it feels like a part of them is being lost in the loo. My DS poo'd his jocks for AGES, I just changed it with minimal fu...

Thursday 16 June 08:17am

3_miracles replied to topic Speach!

I agree with Eve75. My older two were the same at about 18-20 months but around 2 years or just after they improved. I have a 19 month old now, and she says the following but not clearly if you as...

Thursday 16 June 08:13am
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