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joshien replied to topic IVF

I don't know much about IV. But, IVF really has good results in some cases. So, glad to hear you're going for it. I'm also undertaking a surrogacy process soon. Can't wait any l...

Tuesday 28 August 02:04am

joshien replied to topic conceiving after misscarriage

Infertility is really tough to deal with. It's perhaps the toughest thing a woman can deal with. So sorry to hear that! this is always awful. Even for describing your situation you needed a lo...

Thursday 16 August 11:57pm

joshien replied to topic Trying to conceive

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. This is not easy, I know. It must be so hard for you. I have been in your shoes. I can totally understand how you must have felt. It is so nice of you to shar...

Sunday 05 August 11:09pm

joshien replied to topic Fighting infertility

You are right positivity is important. I also think that it's not in our hands. so, we shouldn’t blame others to because of this. in our society mostly, women are considered to be the cause of...

Tuesday 10 July 07:47pm

joshien replied to topic Losing my baby twice ............

Hey honey, stop blaming yourself please. Miscarriages are so normal in the times we live in. I mean 1 out of 5 pregnancies become miscarriages. maybe its the diet of these days or something like th...

Sunday 08 July 04:51pm

joshien replied to topic Infertility

Hi. How are you? I agree with you. Surrogacy is becoming pretty common these days. Previously, people didn't know about this concept. The ones that did know, frowned upon it. This is why commo...

Saturday 07 July 11:59pm

joshien replied to topic coping with infertility

I'm so sorry to hear of everything you have gone through. I remember when I had a miscarriage I have found those months mentally and emotionally draining, not sure how much more I can put myse...

Friday 06 July 04:58pm

joshien replied to topic MC

Hi there. Well, that's a quite an amazing post. So, yeah! I know how it goes! You're right about this stuff. So, yeah! I've also met people who have been in a situation like it. Peop...

Friday 06 July 06:14am

joshien replied to topic story of my sisters she need your sincere adives plzz .. On IVF im writting on behalf on her

Hey! How are you? I am very sorry to hear about your loss. Don't worry, please. I know it must have been very hard. I had 3 MCs during the past 4 years. I felt like my world has ended. I wante...

Friday 06 July 12:30am

joshien replied to topic Dealing with infertility.

IVF fertilization rates increase with good quality sperm, so better sperm will give you better fertilization rates and better embryos on the day of transfer. I completely understand your concerns a...

Thursday 05 July 01:55am

joshien replied to topic IVF

My love and best wishes for you. Well, I can understand the scenario that you are in. I know you listened about the failure of IVF process. But I can guess that this is due to a poor choice of clin...

Thursday 05 July 01:11am

joshien replied to topic Hope I'm pregnant

Hey, don't worry everything will get better. Just take care of your diet and body. Exercise and do yoga so your body gets stronger and stays active. If your body is in good shape, it will incr...

Tuesday 03 July 09:32pm

joshien started new topic SCH and worries of miscarriage

Hi! I am sorry about your problem. I really know how it feels to have something beautiful so close and then fade away. I just want you to feel strong ATM. Don't be disappointed now! You need i...

Tuesday 03 July 08:05pm

joshien replied to topic pregnancy test is negative

It's ok to be in pain and it's normal to feel like you had something to do with it, but it's very unlikely that anything you did or didn't do had anything to do with it. It can ...

Tuesday 03 July 07:59pm

joshien replied to topic 3 failed ivf, next step??

Hey sweetheart! I hope that you're doing good. I'm literally so sad about your miscarriage. You chose the right place to express your feelings. You can express yourself out here and no on...

Monday 02 July 11:56pm

joshien replied to topic Are these feelings normal?

Hi there, I think you should talk to a professional too. Other peoples experiences may not necessarily reflect yours. I also did not bond with my first child until she was 6 months old, however, I ...

Tuesday 26 June 09:21pm

joshien replied to topic no support

It hurts me to see so many of us in this situation. But it lets me know that nothing is wrong with me or you but more the men in our lives or who were in our lives. I never thought I will have to g...

Tuesday 26 June 08:58pm

joshien replied to topic I miscarried and I'm struggling to cope with everyday life

I’m sorry that you had a miscarriage. This is very unpleasant. I’m so sorry for your loss. I greatly empathize with you, dear. I hope you feel better soon. Remember it wasn't your fault and ...

Tuesday 26 June 08:38pm

joshien replied to topic How much weight did you lose at birth?

Hey Jodie, I had a cesarean as well, I gained 3kg during my pregnancy and lost 17kgs in my first week home, I have since put on 4 or 5 kg's and it is nearly 6 weeks past delivery. I had gestat...

Saturday 23 June 06:57pm

joshien replied to topic Share your story

Heyy. let me just say thanks to all the ladies. For sharing your stories with me and other people. Honestly, they make me feel like I am not alone. If you are reading this just remember you are not...

Saturday 23 June 04:57am
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