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Nathalie34 replied to topic This is getting harder and harder

Hey there. I can imagine how you feel. My friend had been TTC for 6 long years. She really wanted to have children but it was not working. She had 3 failed IVFs. And they completely devasted her. F...

Wednesday 31 October 04:05am

Nathalie34 replied to topic decided

This is an amazing decision. I think you have made the right decision. I have seen people who give gap and who have children soon. Both have their perks and down sides. Do keep us posted. I wish al...

Wednesday 31 October 03:55am

Nathalie34 replied to topic Experiences

Hello Vicky. How are you doing today? Thank you for sharing your experience with all of us. It gives many of us hope to read such amazing stories. I am so happy for you. I can only imagine how you ...

Tuesday 28 August 02:09am

Nathalie34 replied to topic IVF first time pregnant January 2018 Baby

Hey there. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I think this is different for everyone. As every individual is different from one another. Out bodies are different. I hope you have had a safe journey...

Tuesday 10 July 10:30am

Nathalie34 replied to topic Hope I'm pregnant

Het there. I understand what you must be going through. Trying to conceive, with no positive result is very frustrating. But do not lose hope. Also, I read somewhere that stressing too much is not ...

Sunday 08 July 09:28am

Nathalie34 replied to topic it's happening!!

Oh my god. I am so excited for your friend. I can completely feel what you are feeling. I was in the same position two years back when my friend went to apply for a surrogate. It was the best day o...

Saturday 07 July 09:27am

Nathalie34 replied to topic IVF or surrogacy

Hey there. I so understand what you mean. Both are alternates to infertility. Yet one is favored by so many while the other is stigmatized and shunned. It is okay not to like it. But I have seen so...

Saturday 07 July 09:24am

Nathalie34 replied to topic Surrogacy or IVF

Hello there. I am so sorry for your loss. How are you doing? Do not lose hope. As everything happens for a reason. It is amazing that you are planning to go for either of the options. I hope you fi...

Friday 06 July 07:58am

Nathalie34 replied to topic pregnancy test is negative

Hey there. I am so sorry. You must be really disappointed. But do not lose hope, and stay strong. Consult your doctor. There will definitely be a better chance next time. Do not give up on your hop...

Friday 29 June 01:11am
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