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cjb142 replied to topic the single best moment of joy........whats yours.

Hello there. I agree with the shower thing. I had both mine naturally so I got to shower pretty much straight away. I loved the first shower after the birth. The shower nossel was one of those r...

Wednesday 10 January 02:37pm

cjb142 started new topic Smack on time.

Hi everyone. We would like to announce the safe arrival of Jordis Bruceyne. Who was a good girl being born on the 3rd Jan 7:50am (her due date). 6lbs 2oz and 49cm long. My labour was around 13hrs ...

Tuesday 09 January 08:06pm

cjb142 replied to topic how many of you went into labour "on time"

Hi there. First of all congrats on becoming a Mum. I went into labour the day after my due date and had DS early the next morning. The baby will come when it's ready, don't worry and enjoy sleepin...

Friday 07 July 07:22pm

cjb142 replied to topic My little one wont let anyone else hold him! Is this normal?

Hi vicki. My DS was like that and in alot of ways still is. He is very shy and not comfortable with crowds and especially strangers. It will take a while but try getting your family and friends to...

Wednesday 17 May 07:54pm

cjb142 started new topic Won't Settle unless rocked.

HELP! DS is going 11 months old and use to sleep perfect. He got tired we put him in his cot, done. A couple of months ago he got really sick and for 5 days I rocked him to sleep. Now we can't br...

Tuesday 16 May 06:01pm

cjb142 replied to topic Boys Name

I personaly really like Mannix Justin for a boy. Yes it's unusual but it's not way out there. And at least when he goes to school he won't have the same name as everyone else. When I was at scho...

Sunday 07 May 07:26pm

cjb142 replied to topic Men are like.........

LOVE IT. Thanks for giving me a good laugh. I think the funniest thing about it is that it's all true.

Wednesday 12 April 05:26pm

cjb142 started new topic How far pregnant before your period stops.

Hi. I am currently 5 days late for my period and thought that I might be pregnant. If I am then I would only be just 3 1/2 weeks. I done a home test a couple of days ago and it was negative but c...

Friday 03 March 04:11pm

cjb142 replied to topic New friends wanted..........

Hello. My name is Carolyn. I have Xavier who is nearly 9months. I found the Huggies website excellent. I am not normally good at making friends. So this is really good for me. I live in a little ...

Tuesday 28 February 08:24pm

cjb142 replied to topic Entertaining a 7 month old

BALLS! I can't recommend balls enough. My boy loves them. He pushes them along the floor and then chases them. It's so funny to watch. I have several different sizes and colors. They are all fair...

Friday 24 February 07:56pm


My little man is 8 months old and only just learned to roll from his back to his tummy. He could roll onto his back from a very early age but just never learnt to roll back. It didn't really worry...

Friday 24 February 07:48pm

cjb142 replied to topic Whats a good age to have another???

Hello. I have a little 8 month old boy and my husband and I have just decided to go again. I am aware that most people would tell us we're nuts but it's okay. I don't think that there is a good a...

Friday 24 February 01:52pm

cjb142 replied to topic When did your waters break?

Well I'm a little relieved that I am not that abnormal. I too made sure that ever time I got in the car I had a towel on the seat and one in the back just in case. My waters broke when I was pushing.

Friday 24 February 01:43pm

cjb142 replied to topic Running out of milk... a discussion on why!

I gave up b/f when our little boy was six weeks. He was a very colicy baby and used to feed every 1 1/2 hours. By the time he hit 5 weeks I was so tired and stressed that instead of frustrating mys...

Friday 24 February 07:54am
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