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KarinaL started new topic Breastfeeding, no period since birth

Hi all, I have a 4.5month old son and am breastfeeding. Only thing is i havent had AF since his birth. Was just wondering how ppl in similar situation... have managed to conceive while breastfee...

Sunday 18 February 07:15pm

KarinaL replied to topic could i be ? what's going on?

How long ago did u 'do the deed' because it would take agt least 7 days for the egg to attach to the womb so u wouldnt feel sick b4 then? Do you ovulate early or have a long cycle? Hopefully u get...

Thursday 11 January 01:28pm

KarinaL started new topic baby shower ideas

Hey everyone I need to borrow your brains I am planning a baby shower for my friend... she is currently 16 weeks preggers.. im not chucking it for another 16 weeks yet... but thought i would star...

Monday 08 January 03:42pm

KarinaL started new topic Wont take formula

Hey, My 3.5 month old baby has been exclusively breast fed from birth. This week i decided i would suppliment 1 to 2 of his feed... mainly the lunch and bed time feed because i am run down, having...

Friday 05 January 12:19pm

KarinaL started new topic OMG could it be 3 under 3

Ok well... I have two gorgeous boys... ones 2 and ones 13 weeks. We were planning to have a 3rd but not for another three or four years. Well i still havent had my period... thats ok i thought......

Sunday 31 December 09:20pm

KarinaL started new topic Anyone watch the baby whisperer on OPRAH?

hey, was just wondering if anyone watched the baby whisperer on OPRAH today on channel 10? She identified the five sounds a baby makes and what they mean. Was just wondering if anyone could tell ...

Tuesday 12 December 06:36pm

KarinaL started new topic How long did ur 1 month old sleep at nights

Hi, i have a 4 wk old son and was curious how long everyone's one month old slept through the night. My first child slept 7 hours through the night from 3 wks but with this one i get about a 4 - 5...

Thursday 26 October 09:30am

KarinaL started new topic Bubs number 2 arrived safe and sound :)

Hey everyone, just thought I would let you know that my second baby, my beautiful son (who is an absolute splitting image of his two year old brother) entered the world on Tuesday SEptember 26th at...

Saturday 30 September 12:47pm

KarinaL started new topic Bubs number 2 on his way!

Well today is my due date.. and unlike my first bubs that arrived early this one has decided he wishes to stay in. Anyway i had an obstetricians appointment this mornign and she told me im 3 cms d...

Tuesday 26 September 09:47am

KarinaL started new topic 5 days to go with number 2

Hi alll, well im due on monday with bubs number 2 and i seem to be looking for labour signs more this time. Bubs number 1 came 4 days early so that would make it this friday if this one was to fol...

Thursday 21 September 10:29am

KarinaL replied to topic HCG Negative but still preg.

IS she stressed at all? stress and or sickness can cause the period to be late. If a blood test came back negative then she is only in the very early days of pregnancy... as in the first week or s...

Friday 14 July 07:44am

KarinaL replied to topic Bringing on Labour???

long walks help. and sex for sure.. but make sure u lie down for a while so the semen gets a chance to go into and soften your cervix. Try hot hot curries as this aggrevates the bowel which can ca...

Thursday 06 July 05:23am

KarinaL replied to topic Amniocentesis

i am 22 and my test came back increased risk of downsyndrome 1 in 180 as compared to the normal 1 in 600 which is what you would be. I decided nto to go fro the amnio as 1 in 100 chance of miscarr...

Thursday 06 July 05:17am

KarinaL started new topic Heres some of my own myth busting :)

Ok so ive been in hospital the past couple of days and had my 19 wk ultra sound while i was admitted. So anyway.... FHB - 157 BPM (prediction girl) Chinese lunar calendar predicted girl (althoug...

Sunday 07 May 06:24am

KarinaL started new topic Worried

Hi all, im starting to get worried, this is my second time pregnancy. I have been feeling butterflies since 14 wks and am currently 18 but still havent felt any kicks. Im worried that there is so...

Sunday 30 April 05:26am

KarinaL replied to topic somebody pinch me!

Firstly CONGRAUTLATIONS I am stressing heaps over this pregnancy... more than my first.. im 11 wks and it still doesnt feel real coz i just dont feel pregnant... i didnt believe it until i saw th...

Monday 20 March 02:42pm

KarinaL replied to topic Port Pirie?

Hey Casey, Im not from port pirie but whyalla, about an hour and a half drive from port pirie.. unless u want to swim accross the sea then im only 25km away Port Pirie is a nice little town and ...

Monday 20 March 02:39pm

KarinaL started new topic Second Time Round Mums

Hey 2 all the second time mums, Im 11 wks pregnant and have a 20 month old son. I have heard that u can feel the baby's movements a bit earlier second time around? Don't know if its true ornot. ...

Monday 20 March 01:45pm
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