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daisy007 replied to topic I don’t want another baby but DH does

Hey there. So sorry to hear you out. It must have been a difficult journey for you. But you don't have to stress yourself out because of it. There is this clinic biotexcom that deals with fert...

Wednesday 29 August 11:12pm

daisy007 started new topic CONFUSED

Hey there guys. So I just found out about my condition of PCOS. I am devastated. broken obviously. But I have to survive right? I have to get up and help myself. No one else will. It must seem like...

Wednesday 29 August 11:11pm

daisy007 started new topic UPDATE

Hi guys. Hope all of you are doing great. I recently posted about an event going to be held in London. I would like to update in this regard. The open session is going to be held soon. But the date...

Friday 17 August 12:26am

daisy007 replied to topic Surrogacy journey

Hi. I am so sorry to hear about this. It makes me so worried. How are you anyway? I hope you are good and well. I really want you to be alright. I have been through this phase. And I know how hard ...

Tuesday 14 August 01:29am

daisy007 replied to topic Girls, what are you taking vitamins?

Hey. Many congratulations to you. I hope you are doing good. Please take care of yourself. You need to be healthy to keep your child healthy. It is so good to see when women like you tell their st...

Thursday 26 July 08:19pm

daisy007 replied to topic Feeling anxious after previous miscarriages

Hey girl. I know how hard it must have been for you. Hope you are doing okay. I know what you are going through. It is okay. Don't lose your spirit. Don't lose your hope. It happened to y...

Wednesday 25 July 11:13pm

daisy007 replied to topic story of my sisters she need your sincere adives plzz .. On IVF im writting on behalf on her

Hey dear. Hope you are doing good. Tell your sister to put herself together. Don't break down from these experiences. Everybody goes through hard phases in their lives. But they are meant to m...

Sunday 08 July 01:41am

daisy007 replied to topic SCH and worries of miscarriage

Dear dear. Your situation seems quite critical to me. You should immediately seek professional; help. If your doctors are not satisfying you, go for others. There are clinics in Europe that work in...

Friday 06 July 01:27am

daisy007 replied to topic 2 miscarriages and now bleeding with the 3rd pregnancy

Dear Jessica. Your condition seems like you should seek professional help. I cannot really relate to it. But these forums are where you can find people to guide you well. Always do what your doctor...

Wednesday 04 July 03:03am

daisy007 replied to topic Hope I'm pregnant

Hey Christina. Hope you are doing good. You seem really impatient. I know how big this is for you. I am really hoping to hear the good news anytime soon. But apart from that, you need to calm yours...

Wednesday 04 July 02:59am

daisy007 replied to topic need to vent!!!

There-there. How are you girl? I will not tell you what to do. Your researching shows your willpower. It shows how much you want what you desire. It shows your will towards having your own children...

Tuesday 03 July 02:18am

daisy007 replied to topic Due February 2019, NZ

Hello. How are you? Hope you are doing good. It is very often that I come across the good news. I was happy to see this one. Your post reflects your happiness. How I wish we all could conceive natu...

Tuesday 03 July 02:17am

daisy007 replied to topic before we investigated IVF.I wish I'd realized that it discusses it.

hi sweetheart. it is so sad to hear this. these forums are made for people like us. who could talk to each other about things we don't want others to know. IVF is for sure a complicated treatm...

Sunday 01 July 01:17am

daisy007 replied to topic coping with infertility

Hello there. Marriages are not easy. Especially when it comes to infertility. Always remember that those who are meant to be will stay in your life. Never give in to abuse. Never endure what you do...

Friday 29 June 11:06pm

daisy007 replied to topic My Infertility story.

Melissa. I feel so sad for you. Totally understand your concern. Your post reflects so much confidence already. You are optimistic about the results. You are dealing with all of this with immense p...

Friday 29 June 11:05pm
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