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lidya replied to topic I don’t want another baby but DH does

hi there. It is definitely understandable that you are worried about yourself. It's definitely the first priority for many. I wish you all the best for it. Considering your health and financia...

Wednesday 29 August 04:37am

lidya replied to topic conceiving after misscarriage

The couples who are facing infertility issues can go through surrogacy. In most of the case, the couple can’t afford the expenses of surrogacy. They must opt for adoption. In both situations, you h...

Thursday 16 August 11:38pm

lidya replied to topic Infertility

Hi. How are you? Sorry, you had to go through this. This must be devastating. This is not your fault that people are pathetic these days. They have got no concerns for others feelings. You are not ...

Monday 06 August 11:00pm

lidya replied to topic Trying to conceive

Surrogacy is a great alternative for those who cannot conceive and get parents. With the help of a surrogate mom, it is now possible for the infertile couples. I am also looking into it. One of the...

Sunday 05 August 11:17pm

lidya replied to topic Miscarriage

Grief is not the only emotion associated with miscarriages. Other typical emotions reported by a woman who has lost a pregnancy include depression, loneliness, and isolation. Although these feeling...

Saturday 07 July 02:17pm

lidya replied to topic Surrogacy Experiences

Hello, there. How are you? I hope you're good. This is such an amazing post. You're an angel. Trust me, you are. You deserve the best, in life. You are doing such a heroic job. The world ...

Friday 06 July 09:03pm

lidya replied to topic coping with infertility

Your post is amazing. And you are very right. We people deserve happiness. People who frown upon surrogacy definitely do not have a heart. They can’t feel us. They don’t know what pain we go throug...

Friday 06 July 06:20pm

lidya replied to topic IVF

Hello. Hope you are fine. Sorry to hear about your loos. Don't lose hope. I personally think IVF is great. It lets you conceive naturally. You can try again. You don't know when a miracle...

Thursday 05 July 11:24pm

lidya replied to topic need advice

Hey. This is a really saddening post. I feel awful after reading it. It must've been a really tough situation. So many failures can break a person. I know I can relate to some extent. I'v...

Wednesday 04 July 12:35am

lidya replied to topic long ttc, no baby(

Hi there! I hope you're well. I know it can be tough. trying to conceive as a whole is very tough. However, you need to keep your hopes up and keep trying till success. What's great about...

Tuesday 03 July 09:51pm

lidya replied to topic 3 failed ivf, next step??

Hi there. I am so sorry to hear that. I know it can be very hard. I've been in your shoes. It feels awful to lose something that was once yours. It feels like someone snatched your soul away. ...

Monday 02 July 06:46pm

lidya started new topic Hope I'm pregnant

Hello there, I can understand how frustrating it can be to wait for a pregnancy test. But I hope it turns out positive for you. It just depends on your condition. You should take the proper test. Y...

Saturday 30 June 07:01pm

lidya replied to topic Dealing with infertility.

I am going to share my IVF experience with you. For our first attempt, I didn’t get pregnant. We had to take us to a doctor apparently. And so we did. Anyways, we followed the doctors. The procedu...

Friday 29 June 09:56pm

lidya started new topic need to vent!!!

Hi there, Your DH is right. These days there is too much information regarding infertility on the internet, it can make you scared. Instead of looking on the internet, you should visit a proper doc...

Friday 29 June 09:50pm

lidya replied to topic pregnancy test is negative

Hi, don’t worry. I’m sorry about your failed cycles. I know you are very disappointed. You should not give up. Infertility is a problem who made women disappointed. You should not stress. This is ...

Thursday 28 June 06:01pm

lidya replied to topic before we investigated IVF.I wish I'd realized that it discusses it.

Hey, there I hope you’re doing well. It is true that you can conceive of someone else donor eggs. However, it will be good to visit a doctor and get checked. The clinic I went to especially called ...

Thursday 28 June 05:29pm

lidya replied to topic long ttc, no baby(

Hi sweetie, hope you are doing fine. Please don't feel so bad about all this. No doubt this is a tough phase but everything passes. the good and the bad. I can totally understand you. I had go...

Thursday 28 June 05:18pm

lidya replied to topic Hope for positive

Hello there, Hope you are fine. And doing well. I don't have any advice but just wanted to say I hope if you have a scan after few weeks it's still a good news for you. I'm again pre...

Thursday 28 June 05:08pm
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